Using TryOutApps
Last modified on Fri 22 Jul 2022

He who thinks a tool can solve all problems, has a new problem.

Installing a build from TryOutApps

Logged in to TryOutApps

  1. Navigate to Tryoutapps - You need to be logged in with your account
  2. Open up the QR scanner on your phone (on iOS 11 and up, it is built into the Camera app)
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. Install the build

Not logged in to TryOutApps

The project in TryOutApps has to be set to “Public”. If it is not, the developers should create a new project that will be made public.

Basic steps for iOS and Android

If you see “You are not allowed to visit this page” at the top of the screen, the project is set to private, and you should contact the person that sent you the URL.

iOS devices with iOS 11+ and most of the new generation Android devices should have QR scanners built-in with their camera.

If your device does not have a built-in QR scanner, download an app from the Playstore/Appstore - we recommend and use the “Barcode Scanner” app, but any of the offered options should be OK.

Installing on iOS

Starting the app on the device you will be prompted to trust the developer of the app once the app has been downloaded. On your device do the following:

Open Settings / General / Profiles & Device Management

You should see our profile under the “Enterprise app” section. Tap it and a modal should appear that asks you “Do you trust this developer?”. Tap on OK.

Installing on Android

The easiest way to start installation is to tap the notification when the .apk file is downloaded.

On Android devices, you will need to "trust unknown sources" before installing apps from TryOutApps.

Open Settings - Security and check the “Unknown sources” and tap on OK if prompted.

If you are prompted with “Blocked by Play Protect” popup tap on “Install anyway” to install the app.