Using Slack
Last modified on Fri 22 Jul 2022

Slack works best when everyone in a company uses it to have transparent, informative discussions in channels, which are organized around projects, teams, and disciplines. - Matt Haughey

What's Slack?

Slack is a great tool that we use every day, but a lot has changed in the last couple of years and this work-from-home situation made Slack usage more frequent and perhaps sometimes a little bit overwhelming. So here is a guide with a few tips and tricks on how to use Slack to improve and not let it kill your productivity.

Let's try together to find that sweet spot with just enough communication to stay connected but not enough to kill your focus. :)

How to use Slack?

Prioritize project channels over internal channels and DMs

Fewer messages by writing longer messages that scan quickly

Use threads to organize conversations on specific topics

Don't be afraid to use emojis

Use "Do Not Disturb" to carve out focus time and mark outside-of-work hours

Organize channels into groups

Mute or leave unnecessary channels

Read more about it in this Slack article by Matt Haughey