Infinum Handbooks

Handbooks intended for developer and business professionals based on our 19 years' experience.
Sharing our experience
These handbooks are the result of Infinum’s 19 years of experience as an independent design and development agency. We design and develop software for funded startups and established companies, and partner with agencies big and small. These handbooks are the sum of knowledge intended for iOS, Android, Rails, Frontend and business developer professionals and future professionals.
Numbers behind the experience
Infinum has developed in the last 19 years. Over that time, many people have shared their bits of knowledge in our offices and acquired new ones through many projects we've had. Here are some numbers behind our experience:
1.6 million
worked hours
10 million
lines of code
published projects


These handbooks are our contribution to the open source world; the knowledge we got from it returning back to it: