Invest in digital transformation with confidence

Invest in digital transformation with confidence

We help define digital strategies, understand new markets, and decipher customer needs. Through a collaborative process, we set the ground to enable clients to achieve their business goals.

A digital wallet that brings financial freedom to millions

Mara is a unique wallet that leverages Web3 blockchain technology to manage assets, promote financial literacy, and achieve greater financial freedom in Africa.

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Cutting energy costs by 75% with Philips MasterConnect smart lighting

We created a digital product that harnesses the full power of Signify’s cutting-edge lighting hardware.

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Promoting science by building the largest online conference platform

How we created a scientific platform that accelerates knowledge sharing on a global level.


HIPAA-compliant vitals monitoring app that combats cardiac failure

We’ve created an engaging tracking app for heart-failure patients and their care providers.


Preparing the future of home-made meals with Philips

How we created a seamless, unified experience across Philips Kitchen Appliances.

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Non-invasive implant identification made possible with artificial intelligence

We built a mobile app that can identify prosthetic implants with up to 99% certainty.

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With nearly 20 years of collective knowledge, we use emerging technologies to solve problems and shape the behaviors of tomorrow.

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Every day, for almost 20 years, we’re trusted by large companies and brands to design and develop their digital products.

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