Project team review
Last modified on Thu 14 Dec 2023

We’re often coordinating the efforts of other teams and ensuring they have all the info they need for their work. Also, sometimes our deliverables might affect their work or the perception of their work - for instance, the results of user testing.

This is why you need to share your deliverables with your project team before showing it to the client. The same as TL/TD review, sending your deliverable for a project team review is mandatory.

Besides being mandatory, it’s simply good (business) manners, allowing you to level up your deliverables. You’re not a one-person band but a part of a team of experts.

Share your deliverable in at least one of these two official channels: internal project Slack channel or Productive task.

Tag people whose feedback you need. This is very project-specific, but these usually include PM/PO, tech lead (like Solution Architect), and designer. Give them a realistic deadline and remind them of that deadline once.

Deliverables you need to ask the feedback on: