Using AI tools
Last modified on Wed 17 Jan 2024

Absolutely do use them. They’ll make your work quicker, easier, and of a higher quality.

They’re especially good at quickly kicking off your process and onboarding to a domain. You’ll be able to ask stakeholders, internal and external SMEs, and target users better questions.

Anything you input into the AI tool must be public domain knowledge. You can use mock data if that helps make the output more actionable - for instance, you can use a mock brand name.

Never enter info that’s under NDA, or you can reasonably assume the client’s competitors don’t know of it. These could be:

There’s a lot of advice on prompting floating around. Best practices might change as time goes buy, but it’s always good to abide by these few rules:

Always double check the information that AI tool provides. Sometimes your experience as a strategist will be enough. If not, you can ping your TL or do some additional desktop research.

Don’t put AI-generated outputs into the files that clients can access unless you’ve reviewed (and amended) them. Don’t mislead clients into thinking that some output was yours if you actually used some AI tool to generate it.

The best way to stay on top of AI tools developments is to follow content creators on LinkedIn posting about it. Search for posts that include “prompts,” “AI,” or “ChatGPT.” Profiles with a lot of engagement are the ones to follow.