Solution-market fit
Last modified on Tue 19 Dec 2023

It’s time to add some details to the lean canvas and turn it into a bigger solution-market fit narrative. This analysis and type of interview come from Reforge, with some slight tweaks on our side. Reforge calls this product-market fit, but given the content it is better to see it as a more generic solution-market fit.

There are six pillars of solution-market fit:

There’s a simple and streamlined template from Reforge you can use to create a solution-market document. It’ll guide you and ensure you won’t miss out on any relevant data.

This narrative document is your hypothesis; you should think of it as a living organism, not something set in stone. You’ll use it to run a solution-market interview with your hypothesized customers. These interviews can take anywhere between 40-90+ minutes so be prepared to be in there for the long haul.

At its core, this interview validates the hypothesis you laid out in your narrative document. Two potential ways these interviews might go: you tick all the boxes and validate the solution-market fit, or some of the hypotheses are invalid. In the second case, you can use a secondary set of questions that can help you pivot the product.

Interview template (GDoc) and interview observations template (GSheet). You’ll need to tweak and tailor these documents to ensure they fit your specific client's needs.