Video calls
Last modified on Mon 11 Dec 2023

Google Meet is the preferred option, but in some cases, especially related to Business Dev you might use Zoom.

Invite all workshop participants to the call, and you can also add decision-makers as optional. In some cases, you might have a review session after the workshop with decision makers – then split the calendar invite into two, and only invite decision-makers to the second one.

If you’ll be in a hybrid setting, make sure you book a room that’s big enough for everyone who plans to be there in person.

Once everyone joins, ask for permission to record the call and if everyone’s fine with it, start recording and transcribing. You’ll get a link with the recoding and transcript in your inbox.

The video recording doesn’t count against your GDrive limit, so don’t move it into a folder. Instead, create a Google Doc where you’ll add links to recordings of all workshop sessions. Make sure those links are open and not gated to Infinum only.

If you’ll be using a client’s video call tool, most probably Teams or Zoom, make sure they record the sessions and share links to those with your team, if permissable.