Last modified on Fri 15 Dec 2023

We’re going very macro on this one. PESTLE analysis will help you make sense of the business context surrounding your product. SWOT works on product level, while PESTLE goes to the bird eye’s view.

As in SWOT, each letter of this acronym stands for one area of the macro environment that might affect your product. Here’s a list of those areas you should research. Once you have the insights, you can tag them as favorable (+), neutral (0) and negative (-) for you product.

PESTLE can also inform the external factors of your SWOT analysis.

Elements of PESTLE analysis:

If this sounds more like a management consultant’s work than product strategist’s, you’re 100% right. Still, this framework should guide your desktop research efforts. Instead of googling around hoping to stumble upon something, you know know what to look for.

And regarding management consultants, use their content as a source. Big Four and MBB provide valuable resources for free that can help you speed up this process.