Value-effort chart
Last modified on Fri 15 Dec 2023

The value-effort matrix chart is used as a way to help clients prioritize features and find their MVP. On a 4-quadrant chart, value is plotted on the x-axis and effort on the Y, or vice versa. The objective of the exercise is to place the previously created and refined user stories and plot them appropriately on the quadrant where they can be measured and assessed.

Start with value, as this is likely the more important element to consider. Once plotted, utilize a tech representative such as a solutions architect to estimate the effort of the user story best.

Once your top user stories are mapped, write down the stories in order from highest value and lowest effort to lowest value and highest effort. Implementing high-value, low-effort features is a strategic way to quickly add value to your product while knocking out low-hanging fruits.

For a summary of this exercise, see below: