TL and TD reviews
Last modified on Fri 15 Dec 2023

Developers have pull requests (PRs) to ensure that code changes being propagated to the end users don’t break the UX - or the whole app. Strategy deliverables are a different beast, but our approach is similar - we’ll review things before they’re put in front of clients’ and/or users’ eyes.

TLs, and TD are responsible for the quality of our team's work, so their sign-off is needed before handing some deliverables over to other internal teams or the client. These high-impact deliverables affect our delivery teams and the relationship with the client.

TL/TD review is done one-on-one. It’s not shared with other project team members unless there’s a need for some additional info or changes that would affect the deliverables of other project team members. TL/TD review ensures high quality and creates a chance to improve our process and to learn from one another.

As part of the review, your TL or TD will provide feedback (both positive and negative), list action points, and define the next steps (such as the next sync to discuss the new iteration).

TL/TD reviews are mandatory, so keep them in mind while planning your work.

Deliverables you need to send to a TL/TD review: