User stories mapping
Last modified on Mon 11 Dec 2023

The roadmap vaguely resembles a table with labeled product phases such as alpha, beta, MVP, and MMP as columns and features or user stories plotted in the rows.

The idea is to plot user stories in order on a roadmap from left to right, top to bottom, in rows and columns. Rows have bigger features such as login, chat, and similar. Columns show how sophisticated each feature will be in each release and stage.

A rule of thumb is that as you progress right in the columns, each new column will represent a leap in product capability. Keep in mind that some features won’t be built or upgraded in some releases. Consider using Miro or Figma to create this roadmap.

Once the roadmap is complete, it is time to present it to the client as the v1 and the basis for discussions. If needed, show this to the stakeholders in the client company and make sure to get their sign-off.