Envisioned user journey
Last modified on Tue 19 Dec 2023

We already covered the as-is user journey in one of the previous chapters. This version of the user journey maps not the current state of affairs, but the envisioned one. We won’t repeat the process, but just outline differences.

There’s more ideation in the envisioned user journey than in the as-is user journey. This means you can let your strategic imagination run more freely. Yes, you need to ground the user journey in the research, but you should be able to ideate potential solutions and opportunities you could capture through a digital product.

Envisioned user journeys will probably have more steps than an as-is one. It’s okay if you’re simplifying things for users, but chances are that your new product will need to embed itself in the current way of doing things for target users.

Envisioned used journey is the foundation for flowcharts, and idea sketching. It provides a high-level view of the value you’ll be providing to users. Make sure it’s aligned with the persona and always clearly mark things you ideated, i.e., things you didn’t find in the research, but are just a seed of an idea.