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Domagoj K.
  — 2 min read

New & Improved Fingerprint Authentication in Android Apps

Google released the new BiometricPrompt as a replacement for FingerprintManager last September. We decided to test out whether we would be able to integrate it in our Android library which simplifies fingerprint authentication, called the...
Domagoj K.
  — 9 min read

Conquering Android Camera APIs

As an Android developer, one of the worst phrases I could hear was, "We want a custom in-app camera." If you’ve ever worked with Android...
Dino K.
  — 6 min read

Most Mobile Projects Fail at the API: How to Minimize Risk

APIs (application programming interfaces) make mobile apps and browser apps work. A great API serves as the building block for all the other...
Melita K.
  — 7 min read

Generate API Documentation from RSpec Examples with DOX

When developing an API, one should also write documentation so other developers know how to integrate with it.The problem is, nobody likes to write...
Nenad N.
  — 4 min read

How We Build JSON APIs with Rails

A couple of months ago, we started a new project and decided to use Ember onthe front and Rails as an API backend.
Željko P.
  — 4 min read

I Don't Always Use the Facebook API, but When I Do, Everything Has Changed

Last year, Facebook announced a series of changes to their developer platform and launched API v2.0. All Facebook apps have to start using this new...
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