How We Escaped the Dependency Upgrade Maze on 20+ Projects

Optimizing our open-source dependency upgrade process, we got 20+ Ruby on Rails projects updated to the latest version, hassle-free.

Jaka Šušteršič

Implementing IoT Device Onboarding in Mobile Apps

Discover what challenges to expect when implementing IoT device onboarding in a mobile app and how to approach them best.

Karlo Čeh

From Ugly Duckling to Swan with Code Rewrite and Refactoring

How a major app redesign forced us to face our technical debt and perform a complete code overhaul.

Jasmin Abou Aldan

Secure IoT Connectivity – Safeguarding Your Connected World

While IoT connectivity provides endless convenience, most home and office networks used for connected devices are not nearly secure enough.

Jasmin Abou Aldan

How We Got ChatGPT to Build a Flutter App

Testing out the abilities of new LLM and AI tools, we examined whether Chat GPT's model can build a Flutter app from scratch.

Luka Knezić

Harness the Full Power of Custom Xcode Shell Scripts

Writing your own Xcode shell scripts opens up a world of possibilities. We demonstrate this on a common use case – checking the SSL pinning certificate.

Jasmin Abou Aldan

Koin vs. Kotlin-inject – Which to Choose and Why?

We take a close look at Koin and Kotlin-inject, so you can choose the best dependency-injection library for your Kotlin Multiplatform project.

Marin Šimić

Implementing Micro Frontends – What to Look Out For

We uncover some challenges that come with implementing Micro Frontends architecture, and propose solutions for addressing them.

Filip Voska

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Scale Smarter with Micro Frontends using Nx and Angular

Learn about the what, how and why of Micro Frontends – a great option for large-scale projects involving multiple teams.

Filip Voska

Overcome Token Storage and Security Challenges of OAuth2

Implementing the recommendations from the official OAuth2 specification, we created an open-source library that allows you to save tokens securely.

Darko Kukovec

Uncovering the Secrets of AUSampler’s Missing Documentation

We explain the ways of controlling Apple’s AUSampler and discover its hidden secrets – the essential features missing from the official documentation.

Josip Ćavar

Automate Gradle Dependency Updates on Your Android Project

Leverage Version Catalog and GitHub Action to effortlessly manage Gradle dependency updates.

Giorgio Provenzale

Write More Reactive Code with Angular Signals

Discover what Angular Signals are, how they work, how they interoperate with RxJS, and the revolutionary changes they bring.

Đani Pavić

Get Your Components in Order with React Project Structure

Organizing your React project folder structure is crucial for maintainability and scalability of any React application.

Ivica Batinić

Creating Software Documentation that Saves Time and Money

Many developers find documentation writing tedious and time-consuming, but the truth is software documentation is critical to the success of any project.

Tomislav Habalija

Top 5 Mistakes Developers Make in Android UI Implementation

Building and designing great user interfaces can be a challenging task, but it is a crucial step in creating successful, widely used Android apps.

Mark Frelih

How We Made Gutenberg Editor More Gut

WordPress's Gutenberg editor powered by Eightshift Boilerplate is the perfect recipe for building future-ready web solutions.

Goran Alković

Make Every User Count with iOS App Accessibility Guidelines

To help you build fully inclusive digital products all users will be able to interact with, we've put together practical iOS app accessibility guidelines.

Damjan Dimovski

Color Schemes – Figma to Flutter Design Implementation

To create visually stunning and color-consistent apps, designers and developers need to be on the same page about using color schemes in Flutter app design. 

Josip Krnjić

Panda CSS – CSS-in-JS without Runtime Overhead

With its simplified approach to front-end styling, Panda CSS can help you streamline your development workflow and create efficient web applications.

Ivica Batinić