You Shall Not Pass – Best Practices for Secure Online Forms

Learn the best practices for securing your online forms and protecting your sensitive information against cyberattacks.

Ivan Ružević

Out with ‘12345’ – Discover Passwordless Authentication Methods

Enhance your app's security and user experience with passwordless authentication methods. Say goodbye to passwords and hello to convenience.

Tomislav Habalija

Fix It Fast – Best Practices for Application Errors and Crashes

Application errors and crashes are a part of life. Instead of avoiding them, learn how to handle them in a meaningful way.

Josip Ćavar

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Ownership in Swift

We break down the complexity of Swift's ownership features so even beginner developers can learn how to use them.

Josip Ćavar

The Best iOS Libraries in 2024

A curated list of the best iOS libraries to support your development efforts in 2024.

Petar Jadek

Secure Your App in 2024 – OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks Explained

The OWASP Top 10 Mobile provides an overview of the critical security risks mobile app providers should keep an eye on in 2024.

Renato Turić

Snapshot Testing – Capturing Your Code’s Best Side

Find out why, when, and how to use snapshot testing – a simple way of comparing different states of the UI, especially useful when refactoring code.

Tamara Andonovska
Luka Terzić

3 Tricky Issues in Frontend Development and How to Debug Them

How do you debug when you can’t seem to catch the bug? Here's how we solved a complex frontend issue involving CORS, cache invalidation, and naming. 

Tomislav Habalija

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Sentinel – A Library Loved by Developers and Testers Alike

Our open-source library packs a ton of useful features that make testing, debugging, and life in general much easier.

Zvonimir Medak

Revolutionizing SwiftUI – Goodbye Combine, Hello Observation!

Step into the future and meet Observation, the framework that allows us to build powerful SwiftUI apps, leaving Combine completely out of the equation. 


How We Escaped the Dependency Upgrade Maze on 20+ Projects

Optimizing our open-source dependency upgrade process, we got 20+ Ruby on Rails projects updated to the latest version, hassle-free.

Jaka Šušteršič

Implementing IoT Device Onboarding in Mobile Apps

Discover what challenges to expect when implementing IoT device onboarding in a mobile app and how to approach them best.

Karlo Čeh

To Refactor or to Rewrite Code? Sometimes You Need Both

How a major app redesign forced us to face our technical debt and refactor and rewrite our code at the same time.

Jasmin Abou Aldan
Secure IoT Connectivity – Safeguarding Your Connected World

Secure IoT Connectivity – Safeguarding Your Connected World

While IoT connectivity provides endless convenience, most home and office networks used for connected devices are not nearly secure enough.

Jasmin Abou Aldan

How We Got ChatGPT to Build a Flutter App

Testing out the abilities of new LLM and AI tools, we examined whether Chat GPT's model can build a Flutter app from scratch.

Luka Knezić

Harness the Full Power of Custom Xcode Shell Scripts

Writing your own Xcode shell scripts opens up a world of possibilities. We demonstrate this on a common use case – checking the SSL pinning certificate.

Jasmin Abou Aldan

Koin vs. Kotlin-inject – Which to Choose and Why?

We take a close look at Koin and Kotlin-inject, so you can choose the best dependency-injection library for your Kotlin Multiplatform project.

Marin Šimić

Implementing Micro Frontends – What to Look Out For

We uncover some challenges that come with implementing Micro Frontends architecture, and propose solutions for addressing them.

Filip Voska

Scale Smarter with Micro Frontends using Nx and Angular

Learn about the what, how and why of Micro Frontends – a great option for large-scale projects involving multiple teams.

Filip Voska

Overcome Token Storage and Security Challenges of OAuth2

Implementing the recommendations from the official OAuth2 specification, we created an open-source library that allows you to save tokens securely.

Darko Kukovec