Write More Reactive Code with Angular Signals

Discover what Angular Signals are, how they work, how they interoperate with RxJS, and the revolutionary changes they bring.

Đani Pavić

Get Your Components in Order with React Project Structure

Organizing your React project folder structure is crucial for maintainability and scalability of any React application.

Ivica Batinić

Creating Software Documentation that Saves Time and Money

Many developers find documentation writing tedious and time-consuming, but the truth is software documentation is critical to the success of any project.

Tomislav Habalija

Top 5 Mistakes Developers Make in Android UI Implementation

Building and designing great user interfaces can be a challenging task, but it is a crucial step in creating successful, widely used Android apps.

Mark Frelih

Eightshift Boilerplate – How We Made Gutenberg More Gut

WordPress's Gutenberg editor powered by Eightshift Boilerplate is the perfect recipe for building future-ready web solutions.

Goran Alković

Make Every User Count with iOS App Accessibility Guidelines

To help you build fully inclusive digital products all users will be able to interact with, we've put together practical iOS app accessibility guidelines.

Damjan Dimovski

Color Schemes – Figma to Flutter Design Implementation

To create visually stunning and color-consistent apps, designers and developers need to be on the same page about using color schemes in Flutter app design. 

Josip Krnjić

Panda CSS – CSS-in-JS without Runtime Overhead

With its simplified approach to front-end styling, Panda CSS can help you streamline your development workflow and create efficient web applications.

Ivica Batinić

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How to Successfully Improve QA Testing Processes

Whether you’re new to creating a QA testing process or you’re looking to improve an existing one, we have suggestions to help you get started.

Endrina Eskić

Data Exchange in Embedded Systems – JSON vs Protocol Buffers

Choosing between JSON and Protocol Buffers for data exchange in embedded systems affects performance, information transfer speed and the ease of use.

Jurica Martinčević

AI Coding Assistants – Developers’ Friends or Foes?

ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot can be useful tools, but make the most sense for more experienced developers who know what they're doing.

Tanja Bezjak

Building Philips MasterConnect on BLE and Zigbee Protocols

How we managed complex hardware-software interactions in an enterprise-level IoT lighting system Philips MasterConnect using BLE and Zigbee.

Goran Brlas

Bullet-Proof Color-Naming System for iOS Development

Make development easier and lives better by introducing and implementing an intuitive color-naming system.

Petar Jadek

Refresh Data in Real Time with Blazor WebAssembly and SignalR

If you're looking to equip your app with real-time data updates, SignalR and Blazor WebAssembly are a perfect combination.

Marko Hrncic

Storyboard or Code? Solving the iOS UI-Building Dilemma

Building UI in iOS, you can choose to use storyboards or just code. We explore the pros and cons of both options.

Petar Jadek

Can AU Sampler Survive Dynamic Chain Changes?

Continuing our exploration of Apple's AUSampler, we’ve tested it to see if the promise of AVAudioEngine’s dynamic connection abilities holds true.

Josip Ćavar

Using ChatGPT to Learn SwiftUI – Does It Work?

We glimpse into the future of learning, coding, and building new things by assessing how ChatGPT can help enhance the SwiftUI learning experience.

Lucija Balja

Enabling Philips Coffee+ Users to Brew Drinks Remotely

As part of the 2.0.0 release, we finally launched the most requested and most challenging feature so far – remote brewing.

Marin Šimić
Make Your iOS Apps Come Alive with Live Activities

Make Your iOS Apps Come Alive with Live Activities

Live Activities are supported for all phones that can run iOS 16.1, so find out what’s required to integrate them into your iOS apps.

Zvonimir Medak
Migrating Your App to Android 13

Things to Keep in Mind When Migrating Your App to Android 13

Your app should work as expected out of the box (for the most part), but Android 13 provides a couple of new features to enhance it.

Karlo Čeh