Exploring AU Sampler – Apple’s Mysterious Sampler Audio Unit

Getting acquainted with Apple's powerful, yet underexplored sampler audio unit. We set the stage and learn how to use a simple toolbox.

Josip Ćavar
QA testing guide

Testing Flutter Apps – A QA Guide

This one is for all the QAs wondering how to approach testing in Flutter and what to focus on.

Endrina Eskić

Scaling Out Your Own SignalR Chat Application

The Azure SignalR service is simple to configure and does most of the job of scaling and configuration for you.

Dominik Blažić

A Kotlin-First JSON API Library – JsonApiX

The Kotlin community was missing a fresh, easy-to-use and Kotlin-first JSON:API implementation.

Stjepan Banek

Documentation Is the Key to Happy Coding

DocC is a fully integrated documentation environment for documenting public APIs for Swift frameworks and packages. Customize it to suit your project needs.

Hana Sokolović

Creating Azure Functions with .NET 6 in Isolated Process

Azure Functions provide a sleek and powerful way of creating lightweight applications. They are versatile and can be run on many frameworks.

Dona Pejnović

Debugging Tools to Push Your App Development Forward

Collar and Sentinel are two libraries for iOS developers that simplify analytics debugging.

Petar Jadek

Being a Backend Developer Is a Thankless Job

Backend development is challenging, underappreciated, and an awesome job.

Stjepan Hadjić

Level Up Your JavaScript Skills With LearnReact

LearnReact is Infinum’s new open-source exercise for learning the inner workings of React, useful for any new or already experienced developer.

Anže Pureber

How to Draw Charts in Flutter

Presenting information in graphs and charts can be tricky in Flutter due to poor template availability, but a possible solution is to create custom charts.

Luka Knezić

Are Embedded Devices the Future of Flutter?

Starting out with just Android, Flutter is now supported on various platforms and embedded devices could be the next milestone.

Josip Krnjić

More Platforms, Less Worries with Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin Multiplatform is a cross-platform solution that allows you to implement platform-native UI while sharing all the business logic layers beneath.

David Valič

How to Handle Pull Requests Without Making Enemies

A practical guide for writing and reviewing pull requests like a pro.

Mark Frelih
Anteo Ivankov

How to Prepare Your Android App for a Pentest: The Bits and Pieces

Various cases to consider when preparing your Android app for a pentest.

Renato Turić

Jetpack Compose: A Turning Point for Native Android UI

It’s well on its way to completely replace Google’s existing toolkit.

Josip Šalković

Most Important iOS Libraries in 2021

Our signature blend of the most useful iOS libraries, a fresh batch for 2021.

Petar Jadek

Deep Linking with Firebase or branch.io

Make sure your newly acquired app user doesn’t wander off in the wrong direction.

Ban Marković

Unescaping Special Characters in Android Applications

Try these two approaches if you need to escape strings.

Ivan Kocijan

Working with JSON API, Hassle-Free

How we efficiently stopped bikeshedding about our API requests.

Danijel Buhin

Introducing Retromock, a Better Way to Mock Retrofit API Calls

Retromock is a Java library for mocking responses in a Retrofit service that’ll make your life easier.

Branimir Akmadža