Every day, for almost two decades, we’re trusted by large companies and brands to build their digital experiences.

We supported Alfa Laval, the leading global provider of solutions within the energy, pharmaceutical, and marine industries, on a complete rebuild of their IoT solution, enabling them to manage their devices online and remotely, as well as to collect, store, process, and visualize telemetry data.

The leading cruise line operator partnered with us to streamline and upgrade their onboard photography services. We have built and continue to maintain multiple products used onboard and in the cloud.

Combining Nike’s cutting-edge lab hardware and machine learning algorithms, we analyzed data collected across numerous test points, improving how their R&D department measures the quality, durability, and resistance of materials used in different kinds of athletic wear.

The leading professional services company, KPMG, partnered with us to build a digital product strategy for a number of internal work management tools. Through a series of workshops, we ideated, prototyped, and validated several digital products envisioned by the client.

Signify is the market leader in lighting. Working together, we built the IoT app MasterConnect, the core tool for setting up and configuring smart lighting networks in commercial buildings. This smart solution cuts energy costs by 75% and reduces lighting installation time by 50%.

We helped Virgin Mobile, a wireless communications brand, deliver products for their operations in the Middle Eastern market, from their core self-care mobile apps to newer IoT initiatives. We covered all the phases in the product development lifecycle, from concept design to QA.

Together with Warner Bros Entertainment’s gaming division, we built a feature-rich platform for player networking, exclusive access to gaming content, and managing game newsletter subscriptions.

Our long-standing partnership with Philips and our contribution to high app store ratings highlight our design expertise. Our team’s role in supporting Philips has been crucial in reinforcing its digital presence in the industry.

Telecommunications service provider A1 partnered with us to reimagine the customer experience for all their users. Based on mobile, we designed and built a modular product that fully adapts to their needs.

In cooperation with ProductionPro’s team, we built a digital tool to streamline creative collaboration in film, TV, and theater productions. This solution, set to redefine the entertainment industry, is now used by Hollywood’s biggest studios.

Tarisio is a marketplace for trading fine instruments with ease. Used by musicians, patrons, dealers, and collectors, we made the platform’s backend stable and secure for all customers and their transactions.

We upgraded the manuscript tracking system for a world-leading publisher of open-access books. By providing a seamless user experience for scientists, we supported IntechOpen on its mission to democratize knowledge.

We have collaborated with the regional banking leader Erste & Steiermärkische for a number of years. Working on multiple products, including a robust corporate banking app, we guided them through digital transformation and an Agile way of working.

The Swiss financial services provider Vontobel offers active asset management and tailor-made investment solutions. We built apps for product lifecycle management and the distribution of reference data to exchanges, data vendors, and partners in various markets.

Guided by the idea that solar energy should be accessible to everybody, we developed a multilingual website and a proof-of-concept for a digital product promoting the use of solar power cells for commercial and residential households.

Our work on a tailored internal assessment tool helped PwC Germany reach out to clients in a structured manner. The tool is used to perform a number of analyses, including comprehensive evaluations essential to their business success.


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