Past Events

Standout branding in the digital era

Mobile Talks Zagreb

Proper architecture goes a long way when it comes to simplifying the app-building process. Join us as we dive into the hows and whys of modular architecture in iOS.

Android Talks Ljubljana

Find out how we got IoT home appliances to act on a tap and how Jetpack Compose became our UI toolkit of choice

Design Talks Podgorica

Master the three I’s of impeccable design: intuitiveness, inclusion, and interactivity.

SwiftUI migration & Android BLE

Find out how we prepared for transitioning to SwiftUI and the challenges and best practices that come from working with hardware that’s still in development.

Testing out new options

Find out what it takes for a manual to automation test engineer career switch and how to properly design test execution calendars.

On the edge of UX

Expand your UX skillset by learning the tricks of decision-making facilitation and accessibility-ready design.

Micro-Frontends & Production Previewing

Utilize Webpack’s module federation to build a micro-frontends architecture and preview changes to production code before shipping.

QA processes and negative testing

Learn how to make your project more efficient by applying IT Methodology in QA Processes and master Negative Testing.

Testing in progress

A Celtra, Adacta and Infinum QA expert walk into a bar... Join the Infinum Talks and let's talk all things QA.