Building the foundation 
for the future

Building the foundation for the future

Infinum scholarship

We believe the future lies in the youth of today. As part of the Infinum Foundation, we have established a pilot year long scholarship program for 10 high school students. The scholarship is intended for hardworking and gifted students from Croatia who have shown excellence despite facing monumental obstacles in their life.


Every year, we donate 1% of our profits to support initiatives and causes we believe in. Infinum Foundation is not just our way of giving back to the community, but an investment in the future.

How it works

The Foundation Committee, consisting of Infinum’s employees, decides how to allocate resources through sponsorships, education, fundraising, and volunteering.

Kids first

Infinum Foundation is primarily focused on projects involving children and young people. We believe that future generations can make a huge impact given the right knowledge and tools.



Improving quality of life and education


Encouraging creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship


Advocating responsible behavior toward the environment and the community

we’ve supported

We are so glad when companies recognize the importance of our red-nosed mission to bring smiles to the faces of those who need them the most. Infinum’s support gave us better visibility in the digital world. Donors can support us through our web page and see how their donations are making a difference.  

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Can we help?

We want to know more about your cause. Read the project funding rules and fill out the form to get started. Someone will be in touch with you soon.

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