6 Smart Ways to Maximize Your Digital Product Budget

Learn how to get the most out of your digital agency partnerships. Discover actionable strategies to maximize your budget and achieve outstanding results.

Tyler Campbell

NIS2 and DORA, the Power Couple of EU Cybersecurity Legislation

We demystify NIS2 and DORA, the two powerful pieces of cybersecurity legislation in the EU, and explain what they mean for your business.

Neven Matas

Choosing a Digital Product Development Agency? Size Matters.

Choosing a digital product development agency? Size is probably not the main factor you're considering, but it can be an important one.

Karri Offstein Rosenthal

Solve Testing Complexities with One Simple Tool – Sentinel

Discover Sentinel – the all-in-one tool for developers and software testers. Tackle even the most complex testing scenarios with our open-source library.

Emanuel Đolo

Want Better Design Work? Get Quality Assurance on the Task

We explore how integrating testers into the design process can be beneficial to both sides and the project itself. 

Emanuel Loborec

How Do Phishing Simulations Contribute to Enterprise Security?

Neven Matas

Acceptance Criteria and Exploratory Testing – A Powerful Combo

Endrina Eskić

How We Got Everyone on Board with a New Technology

Overcome the challenges of implementing new technology in an organization. Learn how we successfully organized a workshop to get everyone on board with Swift UI.

Lucija Balja

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AI Agency Secrets – 5 Ways We’re Using AI Tools to Up Our Game

Discover AI agency secrets – how we’re leveraging AI tools to build digital products faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Kerrin Whipple

In-House Software Development vs Outsourcing – What to Choose?

Considering in-house software development vs outsourcing? Weigh the pros and cons to choose the best approach for your business goals.

Marko Knežević

Scope, Test, Report – Penetration Testing Steps Explained

We take you through all the penetration testing steps, explaining how each of them helps identify weaknesses in your security system.

Vedran Furlan

Why Digital Product Development Projects Often Suffer Delays

The second edition of Infinum Slovenia’s Business Breakfast event identified the main reasons behind project delays.

Zeljko Plesac

Best UX Pattern for a Website Navigation With Dropdown Menus

We explore the most common website navigation schemes and identify the best approaches.

Kerrin Whipple

What Is a Project Brief and How to Make Yours Fail-Proof

What is a project brief? Master the delicate art of writing this foundational document that will set up your project for a great start. 

Zach Casey

Why Penetration Testing Is Important for Your Business

The main reason why penetration testing is important is that it allows us to view your product with a hacker’s eyes.

Neven Matas

How to Plan a Web Development Project Without Breaking the Budget

If you’re wondering how to plan a web development project that won’t leave you broke due to unexpected fees and hidden costs, we have a few tips to share.

Ivan Ružević

Code Audit Decoded – What Is It and Do You Need One?

Get acquainted with the concept of code audits. We explain what a code audit service is, who needs one and when, and what it typically entails.

Marko Hrnčić

From Teammate to Team Lead – A Balancing Act

Going from a teammate to a team lead can feel like tightrope walking: exhilarating but terrifying. Here's how to maintain your balance and remain grounded.

Mario Kovačević

‘How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?’ – Wrong Question

How much does it cost to make an app? We unravel why pricing digital products remains an elusive concept and what to focus on instead.

Vanja Jeršek

Why “Question Everything” Is Part of the QA Mindset

Adopting a QA mindset means you never stop questioning what's before you, even if it's other people.

Ante Kovačević