The Framework for Making the Best Career Move

By creating our custom progression framework, we increased transparency around sensitive career issues and improved employee motivation and performance.

Damjan Vujaklija

How to Make Company Culture Work across Cultures

At Infinum, we have learned to build community across our cultures, welcoming new recruits as either ‘culture-fits’ or ‘culture-adds’.

Vedrana Mataja

An Epic Human-Machine Write-Off

On November 30, the non-profit OpenAI released ChatGPT, a quirky AI-powered chatbot that will change the concept of homework writing forever. 

Mia Maček

10 Benefits US-Based Employees Gain by Joining a European Company

Smaller in size – bigger in benefits. In addition to 20 vacation days, what can a small EU country offer to remote US-based employees?

Josh Landman

Meet the Teams: .NET Team

The .NET team at Infinum develops robust, scalable solutions in line with industry standards. They also love water activities and hate elevators.

Mia Maček

Meet the Teams: Java Team

Java team at Infinum works on complex projects that serve a large user base while keeping up with the latest technologies related to Java & Spring.

Mia Maček

Free as a Bird

Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter was dramatic enough in its will-he-won't-he phase, but now that it actually happened, dramatic is an understatement.

Mia Maček

Are You for Real?

In the social media landscape, originality is very overrated.

Mia Maček

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Sense of Impending Doom

Some bad news and some more bad news in the July issue of Infinum's newsletter.

Mia Maček

Growth Team Onboarding by the Sea

Infinum's Growth team decided to improve team cohesion by working remotely together.

Martina Tuškan Mendaš
Matea Bogdanić

Infinum Has a New CEO

After 8 years as the COO, Nikola Kapraljević changed a vowel in his title.

Tomislav Car

Words Are Weapons, so Are Tomato Jars

Just as we learned to live with the pandemic and cautiously started returning to our first world problems, a full-scale war began at our European doorstep. 

Mia Maček

Spotify Drama and Disney's Success, Powered by Streaming

Streaming has become an undeniable force in both music and the film industry.

Mia Maček

Wrap It Up, 2021

It’s that time of the year when we are making lists (checking them twice), looking ahead, but also thinking back, rewinding, and reviewing.

Mia Maček

From Queen to Baby Shark – Infinum Wrapped 2021

Finally, a playlist *everyone* will enjoy at parties, whenever parties become a thing again.

Mario Borna Mjertan

Troubles in the Metaverse

The Facebook Papers exploded across the media, revealing numerous issues with the world’s largest social media network.

Mia Maček

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Pros and Cons of Remote Work

Hate it or love it, remote work is here to stay.

Stevan Bogosavljević

Big Tech Has Big Offices to Fill

I am team office. In fact, I am so much team office that I am a remote worker who works from a coworking space simply not to be at home.

Mia Maček

From a Hooker to a Project Manager: Lessons Learned

Neither can excel without support, encouragement, and assistance.

Luka Marić

Subscribe for Your Life

Ownership is a commitment. That’s why we own less, rent more, and subscribe to everything from music and video content to vintage whiskeys.

Mia Maček