Infinum Accepts Best Employer Award for the 6th Time

We are proud to have been recognized for the Best Employer Award – our sixth in total!

We are beyond grateful and elated to receive another testament to our consistent commitment to creating a workplace that supports individuality while nurturing team spirit.

When the going gets tough, our team gets going

Our team is the driving force behind our success and the sole reason we can say 2023 was a good year despite all the challenges it has thrown across the IT industry and the diverse sectors our clients represent.

We could never quantify the hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm they pour into each project, but if there was a Best Employee award, our team would take the throne.

During the past year’s doubts and triumphs, our teammates’ input has been invaluable. Our no-bs policy ensures open and straightforward communication, so this result means we truly managed to gain our teams’ trust and support.


A toast to everyone doing their best

The IT landscape remains unpredictable. The horizon is wide but foggy. Looking ahead, we are determined to remain consistent in striving to create the best workplace.

But for now, we propose a toast to all companies striving to make their workplace the best it can be under the circumstances.

Whiskey, on the rocks.