Uncover User Engagement with a Customer Retention Dashboard

Help your clients make data-driven decisions by crafting an effective customer retention dashboard, a crucial tool for the success of any digital product.

Josip Šadek

Product Success Metrics Can Make or Break a Digital Product

Product success metrics reveal how a digital product strategy should be adapted to engage more users and reach business goals.

Mateja Tomek

Improving UX in Philips NutriU by Combining IoT and Mobile App Data

Combining data from multiple sources enabled us to make data-driven decisions and drive business objectives.

Kristian Jurišić

Same Same but Different: Growth & Scrum

Scrum and Growth teams share the same philosophy – learn by doing to create maximum value for the customer.

Tea Glumac

What ​​Schrödinger’s Cat Has to Do with Product Analytics

Product creators can be completely unaware if their product is dead or alive unless they look deep into usability data.

Matea Bogdanić

Fintech Brands Use Psychology to Get Users – So Can You

What makes someone go “Shut up and take my money” and how can brands take advantage of it?

Ante Pelivan

A Google Analytics Love Affair

An (almost) love story told through the screens of digital analytics tools.

Mirna Hari

Creating an Event-Tracking Plan Everyone Can Understand

By observing users’ actions, so-called “events”, it’s possible to make data-driven decisions that can help bring more users to the app.

Kristian Jurišić

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How to Make Rock-Solid Business Decisions for Your Web Project Using A/B Testing

A/B testing allows us to run real-time experiments between multiple versions to check which one is the best based on statistics.

Dario Krišković