User Experience Problems? Let’s Fix What’s Puzzling You

Don't let user experience problems hinder your brand's success. Learn how our framework can help you identify and solve UX issues.

Karri Offstein Rosenthal

AI Data Visualization – The New Frontier

Kelly Cutler

Six Innovative Design Trends That Will Define 2024

Innovative designs of 2024 will be marked by designers embracing AI, accessibility, and hybrid styles to redefine how users interact with digital products.

Reid Hitt

How to Make Your Design Reviews a Success Every Time

Design reviews help ensure your carefully envisioned designs are implemented precisely as they should be. We take you through the process.

Marija Dimović

Resolved to Create Exceptional Experiences in 2024

Our UX team shares 10 New Year’s resolutions for creating amazing experiences in 2024 and beyond.

Joe Rosenthal

8 Best Practices for Designing Accessible Products

Make your digital product user-friendly for all types of users by incorporating the four main principles of accessible design through eight practices.

Ana Valjak

Turn Your Static Design into Interactive Figma Prototypes

Exploring different approaches to creating interactive prototypes in Figma so you can see your static design come alive before development starts.

Kata Juras

Why Empathic Design Matters More Than Ever in the Age of AI

Our Head of Experience Design Shannon Ruetsch explains the importance of empathy in understanding real user needs.

Joe Rosenthal

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how to become a ux designer without a degree or experience

How to Become a Self-Taught UX/UI Designer

A lack of formal education is no obstacle to pursue your dream career. Find out how to get into UX/UI design with no experience.

Darko Predragović

Pushing the Boundaries of IoT App Design

How we tackled IoT app design on Philips MasterConnect, the core tool for setting up and configuring smart lighting networks in commercial buildings.

Emanuel Loborec

5 Best Practices for Digital Design in Senior Healthcare

We present the principles we’ve identified as key to shaping inclusive and accessible experiences for older adults and their caregivers. 

Kerrin Whipple

Three Biggest Misconceptions About Design

Misaligned expectations can make conversations about design difficult and impair a project's progress.

Will Thomas
Start Designing for Dynamic Island and Live Activities

Start Designing for Dynamic Island and Live Activities

Whatever your opinion about Apple's Dynamic Island may be, it is a UX renaissance in the making and designers need to take it into account.

Kata Juras

Checking Web Accessibility with a Screen Reader and Keyboard

Auditing the accessibility of the websites we make by using our keyboards and screen readers is easy and helpful, and we explain how to get started.

Kerrin Whipple

Orbiting Around Reddit’s Rating System

Online rating systems are a way of publicly reviewing a product or a service. This way, users shape the total sum of perceived quality.

Jelena Njeguš

The Ultimate Figma Flavoring Tutorial

An ideal workflow for easily creating multiple flavors for apps that can be utilized for different brands or industries.

Emanuel Loborec

Yet Another Figma Plugin Masterlist

If you're looking for a feature not covered by Figma's basic tools, or you want to speed up your workflow, reach out for Community plugins.

Jelena Njeguš
Vita Vrebac Raspopović

Up Your UX Game with These 10 Psych Insights

A list of lesser-known psychology insights to boost your UX, applicable right away.

Elizabeta Lončar
Ante Pelivan

Affinity Designer: A Love Story

As I found out, Affinity Designer is a worthy rival to Adobe's sacred trinity for designers: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Elizabeta Lončar

Why Surprise & Delight in Design Matter More Than Ever

The principle of "surprise and delight" helps companies set themselves apart in a crowded digital space and foster brand loyalty.

Joe Rosenthal