Come and join a team of highly skilled professionals who appreciate design, quality code and a friendly work atmosphere.

Who are we?

We’re on a mission to create digital products that help and empower people. We want to build great technology, but also have fun while doing it.

Who are you?

You are intelligent, motivated and hard-working.
You care about engineering excellence, user interface design and want to build technology that helps people solve real-world problems.

Enjoy your work
Do what moves you. Everybody loves to be part of something special. And work is easier when it’s fun.
There’s no such thing as someone’s else’s job. The best work is done together.
Get to the point
Honesty is the key. Speak your mind. It’s better to be honest than sugarcoat it.
Be a good person
You like people. They like you, too. In the end, that’s all that matters.

What do
we offer?

We offer a number of benefits, high-quality tools, bad jokes, and a stimulating work environment.

Interesting projects
We work with clients from around the globe on different projects from financial institutions, cruise lines, telecoms,..
Educational budget
Books, courses, conferences… It’s up to you how you spend it.
Work on open source
Isn’t it nice to give back to the community? You can contribute, too.
Free language courses
Ramp up your vocabulary through tailor-made language courses.
Career Switch
Try something new. Maybe you are a frontend developer and would like to try your hand at backend development?
Travel opportunities
We work for clients all over the world which allows our team to travel and explore new places.
Health &
Family life
Subsidized recreation
It’s important to stay fit. That’s why we sponsor fitness membership of your choice.
Free health checks
You know what they say: the greatest wealth is health. That’s why we sponsor it regularly.
Flexible working hours
Tailor your working hours to fit your schedule.
Paid vacation for everyone
Students or non-students, we treat all our people equally.
the office
Working remotely
Location? Anywhere.
It’s all about flexibility.
Fun and games budget
Every team gets a monthly budget to spend on the fun stuff. Go-karting, dinners, paintball or other fun stuff.
Bring your dog to work
If your four-legged friend doesn’t eat MacBooks, let him tag along.
Fruit, coffee, snacks, beer…
To keep your energy levels up.
Car and bike parking
Don’t let your ride get caught in the rain.


We’re always looking for great people!
If you fit that description, check out our open positions and apply today!

JavaScript Engineer
JavaScript Engineer
Ljubljana, Remote, Varaždin, Zagreb
Backend Engineer
Backend Engineer
React Expert
React Expert
Ljubljana, Remote, Varaždin, Zagreb
Technical Lead (Consultant)
Technical Lead (Consultant)
New York
Android Engineer
Android Engineer
Ljubljana, Remote, Varaždin, Zagreb
Java Engineer
Java Engineer
Ljubljana, Remote, Varaždin, Zagreb
.NET Engineer
.NET Engineer
Ljubljana, Remote, Varaždin, Zagreb
WordPress Engineer
WordPress Engineer
Remote, Zagreb
Angular Expert
Angular Expert
Ljubljana, Remote, Varaždin, Zagreb

We may need you but just don’t know it yet.

Are you an expert in a field we didn’t list above?
Send us your application anyway!

Ready to explore
uncharted territory?

This specialized program allows curious developers to try something new and different.