Infinum and Philips Award-Winning Collaboration on NutriU

Philips and Infinum earned a new entry on a growing list of recognitions for the NutriU app – another prestigious iF Design Award.

The mobile application NutriU is a companion app for Airfryers, blenders, and juicers that helps users find culinary inspiration, create and share recipes, and remotely control their appliances. 

Infinum and Philips have been working together on NutriU since 2016, refining and implementing features, improving the UX, and advancing the appliances’ digital design. The joint efforts not only brought numerous innovations to the Philips Kitchen experience but earned several acclaimed design awards.

2024iF Design AwardUser Experience (UX)
2023iF Design AwardUser Interface (UI), Product Interfaces
2023Red DotBrands & Communication Design
2022iF Design AwardUser Experience (UX), Communication UX
2021Red DotBrands & Communication Design
2021iF Design AwardApps/Software, Communication
2019Red DotBrands & Communication Design

A comprehensive approach to innovation

We have a tight-knit relationship with the Philips Domestic Appliances design team in Amsterdam. Our collaboration centers around one guiding principle: Finding ways to improve the product. 

Before launching a new feature, we go through the complete design process. First, we organize a workshop to ask the stakeholders relevant questions and define the feature. After that, we explore, create wireframes, and put together a draft user interface. When implementing anything new, we must always be mindful of how our design will look in other languages, as the app is currently available in 70+ countries or regions. Next, we are ready for the prototyping stage, after which we can evaluate the proposals with user testing. 

In addition to adding new features to the app, we are constantly refining old ones, making improvements in flows and on screens.

Our Growth team is usually the first to know if users are struggling with a flow, so we examine the analytics and figure out what we can do to improve the user experience. Finally, we start implementing the design to ensure it works as great as it looks “on paper.”

Award-winning design

In March 2024, Philips and Infinum’s joint efforts on NutriU earned an important international prize – the iF Design Award for User Experience. It’s the latest in a series of recognitions we’ve received during the seven years of our partnership.

We landed our first prize for the project in 2019, winning one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, the Red Dot award for communication and branding design. It’s a great accomplishment since the award has become internationally established as one of the most sought-after quality seals for good design. 

Two years later, in March 2021, the NutriU app got an update that enabled users to control their smart kitchen appliances remotely via the app.

It took us countless iterations, workshops, and usability testing sessions to perfect the feature, but in the end, we were confident enough to enter one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design competitions.

And NutriU won its first iF design award for communication design!

Only six months later, in late 2021, NutriU received yet another Red Dot award for brand and communication design for the Lifestyle app and Recipe recommendations. Two more iF design awards followed in 2022 and 2023, this time for the app’s UX.

Strategically engaging users through communication design

Even though Philips implements its own well-defined design language system, we managed to build on top of it and include best practices for user experience. We didn’t stop on typography and visual styles but raised the bar for app accessibility, navigational structure, recipe recommendations, search engine, and many other features to help build the best possible experience. 

As a result, the app has been described as enjoyable and easy to use, proven by the growing number of daily active users, currently measured in thousands.

Big plans for the future

Although winning awards is not our primary focus, they are always an indicator of a job well done and a motivator to do even better in the future. With the things we have in the pipeline, we are sure these awards for the NutriU project will not be our last.

To find out more about our work with Philips, check out the case study.