How the Flexibility vs. Usability Tradeoff Impacts Your Idea

Find the ideal compromise between flexibility and usability by identifying what must exist, what should exist, and finally what can exist.

Joe Rosenthal

Mobile Layouts & Grids

A brief overview of how to structure a screen to make quick decisions while designing, especially with components that differ in size and distance.

Luka Reicher
Renato Mandić

How to Design an App for iPad in 2021

Great iPad apps shouldn’t look like lovechildren between a Mac and an iPhone.

Petar Jadek

Visualizations as a Tool for Designers

What use are a pen and paper compared to advanced digital design tools?

Miloš Darmanović

Switching from Sketch to Figma: A Guide for Designers

It took some time, but now we are ready to share knowledge and help others make the transition.

Nikola Heged

Export Assets From Zeplin to Figma in 5 Easy Steps

Not every developer was happy to hear we’re migrating the entire workflow – at first.

Nikola Heged

How Motion Design Applies to UI Design

Make your app or website stand out from the competition with animations.

André Ferreira

Increase Mobile App User Retention With These Tips

Why I installed and abandoned several cooking apps in less than a week, and what can be done to improve user retention in mobile apps.

David Kampić

A Great Design Portfolio Is an Ace up Your Sleeve

The best practices for creating a design portfolio and a set of guidelines that could simplify this intimidating task.

Emanuel Miličević

Essential Tools and Resources for Becoming a Digital Designer

If your dream job is becoming a digital designer, check out when the next Infinum Academy Design course is planned.

Ana Valjak

Five Ways to Design the Perfect Onboarding Experience

Do you like designing app onboardings? Even though it comes at the very end of the design project, the introductory flows are usually the most fun.

Nikolina Fuzul

Dark Patterns Designs That Pull Evil Tricks on Our Brains

Dark patterns are interfaces designed to deliberately deceive users. These manipulative elements are money-driven, sneaky, intentional and forced.

Ana Valjak