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We Helped Buy a Kid an Accordion

There’s this little wiz kid called Stjepan Magdić. He’s only 9 years old, from a small city called Karlovac, where a couple of us are from.


We Taught a Bunch of Students How to Build Apps. Now, We’re Doing It Again!

As we’re already deep in 2016, we're eager to share some info on how our first Infinum Student Academy unfolded and what are our plans for the future.


We're Upgrading Our Employee Perks with Tinder Plus Memberships for All

The tech industry has really spoiled its employees with a variety of cool benefits no other industry can match.


Don't Just Build a Company Make Memories

It’s been over a month since we got back from our annual team building event and the feelings are still strong.


Hide Annoying Cookie Notifications with the Help of The Cookie Monster

If you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet, you are probably annoyed by the strange cookie messages appearing on many web pages.


Straight Outta Infinum Growth, Products, Operations, Amsterdam, and California

Good news everyone – Infinum is growing all over the place so I thought I’d give everyone a quick update.


Mobile Banking at Your Fingerprints

When it comes to mobile banking apps, the primary concern is security. The newest security enhancing feature is fingerprint authentication.


Redesigning an Agency Website Trying to Outsmart Your Older Self

If I’ve learned anything in the past decade of running a software consulting company, it’s that redesigning your own website is a difficult endeavour.


Mobile Widgets or How to Pay for Parking with Fewer Screen Taps

Widgets are very cool from the user’s perspective, but adding them to an app like HAK turned out to be far from trivial.


Infinum Doors Open Day 2015 Students Invited!

After a very successful and interesting Doors Open Day in 2013, we are organizing another one! Bigger, better and with greater capacity.


How Infinite Is Infinity on an IPad?

Expansive is one of those cool apps, especially because of a feature that we initially dismissed as being too difficult to implement.


You Know ViaMichelin? We've Built a Better One.

We catapulted the old navigational HAKmap web app into the modern age of JavaScript applications and responsive web design.