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Damn Be, Ye Corporate Titles!

As I have risen to power as the new JavaScript Team Dictator, my first decree was to abolish the standard corporate job titles. Why, you ask?


We Won the 1st Prize for Best Web Design

Our Greyp Website won the 1st prize for Web Design at a local respectable design contest in Croatia called Judgement Day.


A Great Resource Scheduling Process Can Turn Your Digital Agency Around

If someone asked me what’s the biggest challenge an agency faces today – it’s knowing who in your team is working on which project and when.


[ANNOUNCING] Sprint Never Work with Designers and Developers Again

Developing software is hard. You need to create specs, wireframes, coordinate design and development teams, outline features, iterate on prototypes.


Interesting Insights About Hiring Software Developers in Croatia

We’ve recently finished a hiring campaign with the goal of bolstering the ranks of our Mobile, Web and JavaScript teams.


Extra! Give Praise Where Praise Is Due

It all started when our Android team lead by day and party animal by night, started pasting the song on Hipchat when someone from the team did a great job.


Hello, I'm Tanja. And Also, oh Yeah, We're Hiring Developers.

If you want to develop software using the latest technology for web and mobile, then hurry up and apply!


Smartspender — Designing a Stylish App for Tracking Your Spending Habits

Having studied competitor apps, I concluded it was time for a personal expense manager that was designed well and not overburdened with excessive features.


We've Launched Our First Large Scale App in Serbia

We’ve been working with partners in Serbia for some time now, but haven’t had the chance to release a large scale app. Until now.


Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe

Infinum made the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2013 landing at #10.


Tracking Business Metrics at the Office Geckoboard to the Rescue!

We’re growing. We have more projects, more clients and more employees. We wanted a place where everyone could see what’s going on around Infinum.


Fojo the Ultimate Camera App for Your IPhone

This is the story of how we created one of the most powerful iPhone camera apps in the world. Mashable thinks so as well.