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A More Transparent Relationship Between the User and the Mobile Operator

The tremendous breakthrough of software in recent years is creating problems for telecom operators.

Nikola Kapraljević

Croatia Traffic Info 100.000+ Downloads and a Few Cool Things You Should Know

HAK stands for Croatian Automobile Club, and in cooperation with them we have developed a popular mobile application.

Adis Mustedanagic

Rails Girls Free Workshops for Learning Ruby on Rails

Rails Girls is a global, non-profit movement from Finland that provides tools and a community for women to access technology and build their ideas.

Tomislav Car

GroundLink Now Available in All U.S. Cities and 110 Countries

GroundLink, the New York transportation service is moving to Los Angeles, and Infinum developed the Android app.

Ivan Kušt

A Google Summer of Code Project Organized by the Scala Team at EPFL and Infinum

As part of the Google Summer of Code, and in cooperation with the swiss university EPFL, we’re organizing a three month long internship at Infinum.

Nikola Kapraljević

GroundLink Book a Ride in New York Using Your Smartphone

Groundlink is an established aggregator and solutions provider to the ground travel industry. It now has the option to book a ride using your smartphone.

Ivan Kušt

BadaSports Won a $100.000 Prize in the Samsung Global Developer Challenge

Our mobile app badaSports won first place in the category "Easy Life" and a grand prize of $100.000 in the Samsung Global Developer Challenge.

Matej Špoler