Have You Ever Chopped up Your Ex’s Furniture?


At Infinum, we use technology to deliver digital experiences that are intuitive and meaningful. We do this by identifying pain points and creating solutions that solve real-world problems. None of our projects involved heartbreaks. Until now.

Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb

We teamed up with a client that collects all kinds of keepsakes from failed relationships. Once salvaged, these mementos get a new home in the Museum of Broken Relationships and even tour the world as part of a traveling exhibition. The emotions are channeled through augmented placards with stories people write that range from funny to tragic and everything in between.

New vs. old Infinum website

Some of the items that can be found in the Museum of Broken Relationships

Think of our clients like art dealers but for emotions. You get the gist?

Emotional website

We were tasked to create a new web platform for the museum, so we began by analyzing the current state. The old website was non-responsive and purely informative; the presentation of touring exhibitions was inelegant and the call-for-contributions was facilitated through a Word file and e-mail. The website simply didn’t do justice to what the museum is all about. 

The brief was to open up the museum to all who might not get a chance to visit it physically, and to create an emotional platform for the global community of heartbroken individuals. The objective was to create a responsive platform that would become a true extension of the museum.

During workshops with clients, we usually define and analyze the target market. Sometimes it’s a straightforward process but can also present a challenge. Nevertheless, this is a crucial step to sketching user personas and mapping out behavior patterns; it’s about making connections and drawing logical conclusions. But logic and emotions obviously don’t go hand in hand.

In order to create a captivating online presence for such a project we really needed to get our creative juices flowing.

Internet for the brokenhearted

The museum creators envisioned Brokenships as a global project, and together we set out to merge the physical community together with the virtual one. Since the museum’s collection is completely crowdsourced, the idea was to create an online experience that serves the exact same purpose, meaning the website visitors are invited to actively take part in the creation of a collective emotional history. Take a look:

The result of our joint effort is a responsive web app that connects the global community through stories of love and loss.

Breakup items on brokenships.com

The bottom line is these things happen to everybody. The entire premise of the project is that it’s personal, yet incredibly relatable. Love is, after all, a vital part of the human experience.

Needless to say, if you ever feel like expressing your emotional problems but don’t know where to turn, think of brokenships.com. Share your anger, despair or melancholy — put your soul at ease and contribute to the shared repository of heartbreak.