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Infinum Academy Is Feeling SLOVEnia

Henry Ford once said, ‘’Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young".


Financial Times Places Infinum Among Europe's Fastest Growing Companies… Again

According to Financial Times, there are 1,000 European companies whose growth figures separate them from the pack, and Infinum is one of them.


That Time We Hosted Firebase Engineers for a Workshop

At the end of last year, we got a chance to host the Firebase Team members in Ljubljana as a part of the Google Community Groups Program.


Design Course Bridging the Gap Between Students and the Design Industry

Each year, the Infinum design team dedicates approximately 200 hours to sharing their knowledge and experience with younger generations.


A Pole Dance Teacher Is Teaching You JavaScript

We have some really great people that are going to be teaching software development at Infinum Academy and we want to introduce them to you.


Do You Forget to Take Your Meds? We’ve Built an Award-Winning App That Can Help

Today, smartphones help us accomplish our goals, keep us connected and entertained, and can also be used as a vehicle to better manage our health.


Infinum Academy: Always Moving Forward

Infinum Academy has come a long way since its launch in 2015. In our first three years, we received 1,000+ applications and helped 130+ students graduate.


No Gas? No Problem! Three Girls in a Tesla, from Norway To Spain

We‘ve done it again! One more Tesla Model S has been successfully hooked up to the web with the help of technology we’ve built.


Have You Ever Chopped up Your Ex’s Furniture?

At Infinum, we use technology to deliver digital experiences that are intuitive and meaningful. None of our projects involved heartbreaks. Until now.


When the Best Party Squad in Town Crashes Your Office

Our Secret Santa presents are almost wrapped up, and so is 2016. The official party is just a few days away, but we decided to throw a surprise pre-party.


How We Organized Successful Tech Talks by Accident

It took us three years to reach 100+ people, but it was a fun and rewarding journey.


Tracking a Tesla Model S Online in Real-Time

Saša Cvetojević, the owner of the first Tesla Model S that came into Croatia in 2014, decided to embark on a 10.000 km long journey across Europe.