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Building a Face Recognition App from Scratch

A machine learning team’s path from the initial app idea to eternal glory.


Transparent Driving Exams with HAK Tablet App

The sleek tablet app ensures fairer exams for candidates and minimizes boring paperwork for examiners.


Infinum Foundation at the Heart of the Matter

When your foundation starts shifting, you need all the support you can get.


2020 at Infinum: You Win Some, Lose Some

How this year took away our plans but brought in our best #1 Employer award so far.


Resource Planning Is Every Successful Agency’s Best Kept Secret

Learn how resource planning drives the delivery of world-class digital products.


Doing Business by the Handbook

Our memory is unreliable. Our handbooks are the opposite of that.


Porsche and Infinum, Together on a Ride

Infinum and Porsche Digital join forces to become a digital innovation hub for high-tech solutions in the automotive sector.


How We Built Eightshift: A Premiere

Looking for a team to create your next website or ecommerce? A look at eightshift might convince you to look no further.


Laying the Foundation for Something Bigger than Ourselves

Because helping those in need is everyone’s business.


Cryptocurrency Transactions Made Simple With Interledger

An increasing number of people are investing in cryptocurrencies, but what’s it going to take to start using the coins as payment?


Infinum's Design Islands Exposes Buried Treasures

Infinum's design team blows the dust off the projects & proposals which never saw the light of day to share them with the community.