Infinum Foundation Neverstops

The new year has started, and before you know it January is over. The end of the year usually brings an inevitable retrospective of last year’s plans; we evaluate what we achieved and where we failed.

On the other hand, beginnings of the year are the first test for our “new year’s resolutions” aka big life-changing decisions that will lead to a better version of ourselves. Interestingly, most people believe that they will fail in the first month. The same research indicates that those who stick to their resolutions get the desired results only after a couple of years. So for changes to happen, the commitment needs to be constant. At Infinum, we made our commitment over three years ago, and as the company tagline says, it never stopped.

Talking the talk…

Over the years, we did “random acts of kindness,” supporting various causes that came into our scope. As we grew, so did our ability to act. We started by dedicating a budget for such acts and then in 2019 Infinum took the pledge: to donate 1% of profits to support initiatives and causes we believe in. This kicked off the Infinum Foundation, and in 2022 we made the foundation legit, “Infinum zaklada” was officially registered.

This official piece of paper (actually, it’s several papers) would mean nothing without the people behind it. Our team, which is actively managing the efforts done through Infinum Foundation, has grown three times last year, and without them, many of the things that were done simply would not have happened. Not to mention the support and effort from the rest of our colleagues and the company itself. So a big thank you to all who are spending your free time being proactively kind to others.

The Scholarships

At the beginning of last year, we set a goal to structure a way to donate funds to students we think need it the most, so we can take away at least part of their financial burden with a bit of kindness. After some research, help from others, and a lot of work, this goal resulted in the Infinum Scholarships program – a 200 EUR monthly financial grant given to high school students.

This year the grants were awarded to 10 students from different schools across Croatia, but the ambition is to grow the program to apply to college students and raise enough funds to increase the number of grants given each year. It’s an ambitious long-term plan, and you will definitely be hearing more about it.  

The deeds we have done and the causes we supported this year are versatile. They range from buying a ceramic furnace for three-dimensional molding for an elementary school in Rijeka, supporting a charity run organized by a Motorcycle club in Montenegro, backing a talented youth in the effort to raise funds for a much-needed instrument, helping out a child that tragically lost her family, to financing an educational booklet that helps children from Ukraine with the Croatian language.

In total, we made 24 individual donations. Behind each donation, there is a unique story that we wanted to be a part of. You can find the list of donations and volunteering efforts below (with links), and hopefully, you will find a cause you want to be a part of as well.

Initiatives proudly supported by Infinum Foundation in 2022

  • Agrocentar Project, Majske Poljane

Our donation enabled the construction of a new house, the old one lost to the 2021 earthquake in Banija.

  • ZIPKA Association of foster parents, Varaždin County

We covered the travel expenses of one full-day trip to the Croatian coast for children and their foster parents. 

  • Foliot – center for children and young people Matulji

We extended our support to the initiative dedicated to developing creativity, activism, and independence for children and adults in the City of Kastav.

  • Basketball City Association: Project for nutritional and psychological support for young basketball players

Infinum was thrilled to help educate young basketball players on the importance of healthy eating habits and their mental health. 

  • Educational home Bedekovčina

A donation of our tech equipment meant a lot to the permanent home for 12 children without adequate parental care or with behavioral problems and a half-day stay service for 70 more. 

  • LIADO, Primary school “Nikola Tesla”, Rijeka

We purchased a ceramic furnace for three-dimensional molding to provide gifted students with the opportunity to learn specific art techniques. 

  • Project “Movie nights” by Psihomnia

Our volunteers helped organize the screening of a movie depicting psychological phenomena to educate the broader audience on psychological issues and reduce the stigma associated with them. 

  • Moto Club Familija organization

In our first project in Montenegro, we supported Moto Club Familija in delivering school supplies (on motorbikes!) to kids in need across Montenegro, especially those in rural areas. 

  • Technical school Ruđer Bošković Zagreb – Ruđer Podcast

We were glad to help students share their knowledge with the world via a podcast and at the same time learn about recording, editing, and publishing digital content. 

Always looking ahead

A big year is behind Infinum Foundation, and we plan to go even bigger in 2023 – some new initiatives, building up and expanding the old ones – this is one resolution we are sticking to. As long as we do, we are confident that changes will happen.

Thinking about a special cause that would benefit from Infinum’s support? Fill in this form and tell us all about it. Someone will be in touch soon.