Infinum Joins The Society of Digital Agencies – SoDA

Infinum is now a member of SoDA, the global network of digital agency founders, creative innovators, and technology disruptors.

When you say you’ve joined an elite society, it sounds kind of…well, elitist. However, when you become a part of an invitation-based association that gathers the world’s most innovative and celebrated digital agencies, you are indeed a member of an exceptional community. 

It’s both an honor and a privilege to announce that Infinum has been accepted to SoDA – The Society of Digital Agencies. 

Together with BUCK and Sweden Unlimited (congratulations, fellow members!), we are the latest addition to the prestigious global network of one hundred product design studios, creative production companies, and digital experience consultancies.

SoDA members are companies that help the world’s leading brands envision and create the future of digital experiences.

At the forefront of global innovation

SoDa membership is by invitation only. To be admitted to the organization, companies have to be endorsed by the SoDa community and get a unanimous vote of approval from the Board of Directors. 

The selection process ensures a uniquely vibrant, diverse, and collaborative culture. Focused on C-level executives, SoDA’s programs provide access to a forward-thinking, global network for peer collaboration, thought leadership, knowledge capital, leadership cultivation, and industry best practices.

SoDA events and other community initiatives create great opportunities for exchanging ideas with great thinkers at the forefront of global innovation. As the Executive Director Tom Beck pointed out in his announcement, we’re joining an ongoing conversation about the direction of the tech industry and what it takes to build, sustain and grow a thriving creative business.

With almost 20 years of experience, we’ve watched the industry grow and change, and are looking forward to contributing both our lessons learned and vision for what’s to come. 

We are grateful to SoDA’s Board of Directors for this recognition and congratulate the whole operations team for years of running this amazing organization and creating the space for structured knowledge exchange between those dedicated to making an impact through digital.