3 Million Africans Welcome Mara Wallet Launch

Mara Wallet, the product we’ve been diligently building together with our client Mara for months, was launched in early December 2022.

Mara is a pan-African company that offers a suite of crypto products and is committed to bringing financial freedom and literacy to the African markets.

Partnering with Mara, we created the Mara Wallet – a unique fintech product that meets the needs of its crypto-curious user base. It is a fast and secure crypto wallet that enables Africans to manage their assets easily, conveniently, and without any prior crypto knowledge.

About Coin Mara in the words of the co-founder & CTPO, Dearg Obartuin:

The app represents a major step toward financial freedom since African currencies are burdened with illiquidity and volatility. Mara Wallet is a simple way for users to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies, thus taking advantage of the opportunities available in the global crypto economy.

Preceding this launch, 3 million users booked their spots on Mara Wallet’s waiting list, proving how needed and anticipated the product was on the local market.

However, this is only the first step for Mara. Due to varying regulations in African countries, the wallet is expected to roll out in stages. In the first phase, it is available in Nigeria, while the rest of the continent is to follow incrementally, with Ghana and Kenya up next.