Mental Models – Why They Are Getting in Your Way

Sometimes, we can’t seem to get our client or colleagues to buy into the changes we are proposing. What we are really up against are their mental models.

Allison Bright

How to Plan Content for Your Website Redesign

Don't let the content process be underestimated during a website redesign. Discover what needs to be done and how to do it with this blog post.

Joe Rosenthal
QA testing guide

Testing Flutter Apps – A QA Guide

This one is for all the QAs wondering how to approach testing in Flutter and what to focus on.

Endrina Eskić

How to Get Along with Developers without Group Therapy: A QA Guide

Developers and testers, like artists and critics, are said to be in a perpetual state of conflict. Find out how these two sides can get along!

Endrina Eskić

Why Stakeholder Interviews Are a Critical Part of UX Research

From reducing risk to gaining diverse perspectives, stakeholder interviews play an integral role in ensuring the success of the website redesign process.

Kerrin Whipple
Google project management certificate

Is Google’s Project Management Certificate Worth the Hype?

Google's Project Management Certificate promises to have you job-ready under six months with no previous experience in project management.

Luka Marić

Is There a Point to Story Points?

Story points are a common metric in agile project development; find out how to use them to your benefit.

Luka Marić

FAQ about QA

Everything you always wanted to know about the role of a software tester.

Dino Vinković

What (Not) to Expect from Agile Transformation?

Agile isn’t a silver bullet for making organizations more efficient.

Ivan Kosovec

Writing API Tests? Postman Delivers

Whether you’re new to testing or a seasoned vet, Postman improves your testing skills.

Mario Milutin

The Right Way to Take Over a Legacy Project

Discover the most common challenges and misconceptions around legacy projects, and how our team worked through them.

Luka Marić

5 Advantages of Dedicated Teams on Software Development Projects

Do you know which pricing model is best suited for which kind of project?

Goran Kovačević