Things I Wish I Had Learned at Design School

My colleague and I paid a visit to our former university. We were invited to give a presentation about our career path and how we ended up at Infinum.

Luka Perić

Should You Visit The Next Web Conference?

It seems there’s a swarm of IT/tech/startup conferences popping up all over the globe. Choosing which to attend can often prove to be a challenge.

Luka Marić

10 Things That Make Creating Software Similar to Producing Music

My day job is writing iOS apps. My hobby is writing, recording and producing electronic-rock music. Sometimes the two are more similar than one would think.

Damjan Vujaklija

Becoming an Android Developer

Android, Android, Android… It’s everywhere – smartphones, watches, tablets, TVs… Android is getting sexier and more stable with each release.

Marko Vitas

OS X Productivity Tips and Tricks for Developers

As developers, we’re always looking for new ways to tailor OS X to our own needs. Here’s a rundown of apps that make our lives easier.

Kristian Poslek

Becoming an iOS Developer

Do you want to become an iOS developer? Let me give you some tips I wish I knew when I first started!

Vedran Burojević

Tips & Tricks for Switching from Windows to Mac

Almost everyone here uses Macs. When a new hire joins us, sometimes they’re not familiar with OS X at all.

Filip Vugec

How Two Men Delivered a Baby in 4.5 Months

Every once in a while, we get a request out of the ordinary, and just sometimes we take the challenge.

Adis Mustedanagic

Becoming a Ruby on Rails Developer

How did you learn {programming language}? I’ve been asked this question many times and, to be honest, never knew how to properly answer.

Josip Bišćan

Switching Jobs: Why I Left a Large Company to Join a Smaller One?

As an employee of a large telecommunications company, I enjoyed all the benefits of working for a big player. Then I jumped ship to Infinum. Crazy?

Ante Barišić

Reviving a Font Poučni Sans

When doing typeface revivals, you take several letters from an old, undigitalized, typeface and design the rest of the glyphs (letters and characters).

Luka Perić