iOS Developer's Take on the App Builders Conference in Switzerland

Are you a mobile developer who always wanted to visit the Swiss Alps? There’s a great way to combine these two seemingly unrelated things!

Damjan Dabo

Surviving Your First Programming Job: People Skills

You survived college and finally have a diploma to prove it. You are officially a computer engineer! Ready to dive into your first job and change the world?

Lucija Megla

Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2019

In this ever-evolving industry, it’s virtually impossible to know what will happen in the tech market in the next six months, let alone in a year.

Boris Plavljanić

Confessions of Tech Muggles Pt.2

We’re going to help you understand the foreign language of programmers by defining complex terminology and perplexing abbreviations.

Karla Landripet

Confessions of Tech Muggles Pt.1

When you come into a tech company from a non-tech background, you basically need to reboot yourself. (See what we did there?)

Karla Landripet

Now That You’ve Heard About Croatia…

It isn’t yacht week, and the next season of Game of Thrones is still far away, but Google Trends can tell you the internet has gone crazy for Croatia.

Bojan Bajić

The 4-Year Long Interview

A tale where a job seeker's hard work, passion, and commitment to personal goals ultimately led to success.

Karla Landripet

Building Software Is a Whole Lot of Talking

Do you know how much communication happens between teams on an average digital project?

Urška Saletinger

Becoming a JavaScript Developer

The journey to becoming a developer is not easy, especially if you want to become a JavaScript developer. Here is a set of links to get you started!

Andrei Zvonimir Crnković

Things I Wish I Had Learned at Design School

My colleague and I paid a visit to our former university. We were invited to give a presentation about our career path and how we ended up at Infinum.

Luka Perić

Should You Visit The Next Web Conference?

It seems there’s a swarm of IT/tech/startup conferences popping up all over the globe. Choosing which to attend can often prove to be a challenge.

Luka Marić

10 Things That Make Creating Software Similar to Producing Music

My day job is writing iOS apps. My hobby is writing, recording and producing electronic-rock music. Sometimes the two are more similar than one would think.

Damjan Vujaklija