Meet the Teams: .NET Team

A whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, but without the parts, there would be no whole. We’re turning the spotlight toward the diverse teams that make up our large collective, and this is a chance to get acquainted with our hardworking, creative, elevator-hating .NET team.

Basic information






Develop back-end solutions

What does your typical day look like?

Though you would probably imagine a team of 19 devs as a group of introverts who spend all day coding, we actually communicate a lot. Our average day is a mix of client meetings, debugging issues, working on new features, task definitions, many knowledge-sharing sessions, pair programming, and of course, writing beautiful (and tested!) code.

What is your main focus?

We deliver value to clients by developing robust, scalable solutions in line with industry standards.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Solving interesting problems surrounded by like-minded people who motivate you to improve daily. Plus, the diversity of projects we get at Infinum allows us to try out different technologies and work with big brands and organizations. For example, an app developed by one of our colleagues will soon be live and used by hundreds of Cruse travelers. Exciting, right?

What skills are necessary for someone to become a member of your team?

To put it very simply, just be a team player, motivated to learn, and willing to share knowledge.

What challenges do you face in your normal workflow?

Every now and then we find some bug in the code that makes us scratch our heads.

How do you solve them?

We discuss it within the team to find the best solutions.

What’s your team’s strength?

We are a very diverse team when it comes to people skills, interests, and seniority. This gives us plenty of opportunities to learn from each other and is reflected in our team spirit.

What tools do you use in your work?

Visual Studio is the main tool for our team, but of course, we upgrade it with a couple of cool extensions that make our everyday work easier.


We primarily use Slack and Teams to communicate with team members and clients.


Besides writing extensive test suites, we also use Postman and JMeter to test our APIs.


We document our solutions with

What educational materials would you recommend to someone interested in your line of work?

Today you can find plenty of books and other materials but Clean Code and Clean Architecture are classics. You can find highlights from it as well as other hand-picked topics in our .NET handbook, which is our team Bible. We’d also recommend applying for the .NET course at Infinum Academy because it really prepares you for the job.

Who is your team lead and what is their role?

Currently, our team lead is Jelena Musić, supported by Vedran Perković. Their role is to make sure everything regarding work organization and team happiness runs smoothly.

Tell us three fun facts about your TL.

Jelena loves to travel and takes remote work to a whole new level. Just recently she spent a month in Paris and another in Rome. She also does a lot of DIY miniatures in her spare time.

What do you usually do for team-building activities?

We love to eat and chill, so sometimes we gather for team dinner and drinks. We love water activities, so one year we went rafting and the year before we had a party by the pool. Hey, it counts!

Tell us a funny story about your team. 

Lately, the team got really skeptical about using elevators. We had a couple of situations where people got stuck, or the elevator started beeping when more than five of us got in (we’re really not that big). So nowadays you can see our team members tapping the elevator floor by foot before going in.

If your team had a theme song, what would it be?

You’re my heart, you’re my soul – Lateral Lounge version. This is the most played song at the restaurant where we usually have lunch.

What meme best describes your team?


What type of food do you order most frequently?

Whatever is on the menu at Lateral but we have to say we really like pulled pork sandwiches and calamari.

What other team are you closest to?

It is a tough choice as during our everyday work we collaborate a lot with DevOps, PMs, Design, and Mobile teams, depending on the project phase. For example, in the deployment phase, DevOps are our best friends.

How would you describe your team in one sentence?

We are hardworking and creative.

Why would someone want to join your team?

If you love solving interesting problems, and utilize Azure Functions, AWS Lambdas, Azure IoT, and other cloud-based technologies while doing it, you’ll have plenty of room to do it in our .NET team. If you love sharing knowledge and mentoring is your thing – yes, we want to learn from you.

How would you explain what your team does to your grandmother?

Simply put, we just tell computers what to do.

Tell us a success story involving your team. 

Although we have been doing .NET for a long time here at Infinum, our team grew the most in 2022. We had a 100% growth in just three months.

If you would like to become a part of Infinum’s .NET team or browse other open positions, you’ll find more information on our Careers page.