10 Benefits US-Based Employees Gain by Joining a European Company

It’s 8 AM, and I’m turning on my MacBook to sift through new emails. I have an early meeting with my colleagues who just came back from lunch. As I’m starting my day, they are starting to think about after-work activities and wrapping theirs up.

Business as usual for an async cross-continent team which I’m part of.

An American perspective

I am the Director of Business Development in New York, working at a product agency with HQ in Zagreb, Croatia – a capital smaller than the Big Apple.

Reflecting on five and a half years leading US Business Development for Infinum from an office overlooking Manhattan, there are many reasons why I continue to love my job.

1. Expanding your horizons

Working with people from around the globe allows one to experience different cultures and see the world through a different lens. It’s enriching for personal growth, but sometimes also very useful for business goals.

In a multicultural team, there are more diverse perspectives which allow us to find creative solutions to the problems we encounter.

2. Transforming businesses

Infinum has an impressive client portfolio. Major brands and international companies partner with us to transform their businesses with technology.

During our many years in the agency business, we’ve built custom products that bring tangible results to our clients. Whether it’s growing the user base, automating tasks and simplifying workflows, or truly disrupting the market with a unique product, working on those types of projects makes you feel like you can actually make a difference for a client’s business.

3. Infinite variety

There’s a variety of projects, clients, and industries. So far I’ve worked with clients from the healthcare, finance, and music industry, as well as hospitality, mobility, and the list goes on.

We’re long-term partners with established brands like Phillips, building innovative products from scratch as well as upgrading existing solutions. It’s never just another day at the office.

4. Learning opportunities

When you’ve been in business for 17 years, it translates to significant hands-on experience.  It also gives a European company access to top talent that might get snatched away by Big Tech companies in the States. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from brilliant strategists, designers, and engineers simply by collaborating with them on various projects.

In addition, each individual receives an education budget that can be used on all kinds of educational material, attending conferences, webinars, etc.

5. Travel opportunities

Infinum is headquartered in Croatia, a beautiful country visited by more than 11 million tourists each year. Besides, it is a perfect starting point to travel around the rest of Europe.

The expenses of traveling to the headquarters are covered with a travel budget for remote employees.

6. Never short on gadgets

In addition to the education and travel budget, employees are also entitled to an equipment budget for complementing your basic work setup, which is a laptop and a screen. Think an e-book reader, smartphone, earphones, gaming keyboard, etc.

7. Flexible working hours and autonomy

In recent years and especially ever since the pandemic, offering work location and schedule flexibility has become a standard.

Infinum has been an advocate for those policies for a long time, with many options to further tailor your working day according to your personal needs. Day-switching is always an option, for example, if you need a day off during the work week but are able to work on the weekend. You can rearrange your hours too, as long as you make sure to respect your meeting schedule.

8. Focus on career development

Great employers know how important it is to value every employee’s individual career path. At Infinum, there is a detailed career progression framework adjusted for every team. With a strong feedback culture, no extra effort goes unnoticed, and those inclined to do so can progress easily and with appropriate guidance.

Career switches are nothing uncommon, and HR extends their support to every employee perhaps not feeling completely comfortable in their position.

9. Making an impact

It goes without saying that some job positions warrant you’ll have a say in important decisions regarding business strategies and future endeavors. At Infinum, the voice of anyone who has constructive advice to make the quality of work better and the company more efficient will be heard.

10. Generous vacation policy

Vacation days vary according to a person’s time at the company, their parenting status, etc., but the minimum amount of vacation days provided by the Croatian law is 20 and this applies to Infinum’s US-based employees as well.

Parents will be happy to hear they get extra days off for the birth or adoption of their child, and they never have to miss important milestones like the first day of school and kindergarten. 

What is considered a healthy work-life balance in Europe and the US can vary substantially, and having seen both, I must admit – I’ve adopted the European version with pleasure.

Five stars, would recommend

With a very open world job market, there are options available today that our parents probably couldn’t even imagine. So, as a satisfied New York-based employee, all I can say is – why not work for Infinum?