Building a Foundation for a Brighter Future

In 2023, Infinum Foundation’s scholarship program for promising yet underprivileged high school students flourished. We could never have imagined the difference it made in their lives.

Sharing is one of the core values we cherish at the Infinum Group. We continuously share knowledge, time, best practices, and valuable resources. With a culture like ours, it seems natural to support each other with small but helpful acts of kindness. But when we started Infinum Foundation, we strived to impact the community and achieve more. Or, to be precise, to share more. 

A couple of years ago, we pledged to allocate a percentage of our profits to support initiatives and causes we believe in, mainly focusing on the ones helping children and youth. Since then, with the support of teammates and resources from our sister company, Productive, we have backed over 60 projects across the region. However, the initiative dearest to all our hearts, I dare say, started just last year – the Foundation Scholarships.

Helping outstanding students, one Scholarship at a time

In a nutshell, last year we decided to hand out ten scholarships aimed at helping underprivileged high-school students who demonstrated outstanding academic and sports achievements. We’ve recognized the limited opportunities for high school students to obtain scholarships yet understood the weight they carried. We wanted to relieve the stress of this important period in their lives. 

When we piloted the initiative, we couldn’t anticipate the impact of our scholarships on the students’ lives. Of course, we understand monetary assistance is always appreciated. Still, we never truly grasped the amount of relief and joy those students would experience with our support, nor could we predict all the different, meaningful experiences our scholarships would help provide.

From joining classmates on a graduation trip that would otherwise be out of reach or dressing up like an opera diva for a music school graduation concert, to paying for tutoring for a college entrance test after vocational high school – our scholarships made a real difference in many young lives.

We aim to help create lasting memories and provide meaningful support. While there was never any doubt about continuing the initiative, hearing about our recipients’ experiences fueled our enthusiasm to undertake the project again. More importantly, we have made a brand-new pledge:

Scholarships will be extended to all current Foundation scholars throughout their high school studies. We remain dedicated to ensuring the success and well-being of all our scholarship recipients.

A pledge fulfilled

Recently, we concluded the submission process for the upcoming academic year 2023/24, and we are proud to sponsor 12 high school students through Foundation Scholarships. Seven are “continuing” scholars who have been receiving the scholarship in the previous year and are still enrolled in high school while demonstrating outstanding academic success. The Foundation’s board handpicked one student based on his moving life story, while the remaining four were chosen through public tender.

Our scholars’ continuous academic excellence proves that the scholarships are in good hands, supporting the reasoning behind our recent pledge.


We were delighted to witness our scholarships become acknowledged among the general public, which affirms our initiative’s impact. Excited about the potential for its continued growth and development, we hope this initiative will support more students each year, making a meaningful difference in their lives.

Knowing how much support is needed and that we cannot accommodate all student applications is disheartening, but we remain optimistic about the possibilities ahead. The Foundation Scholarships initiative will continue to grow, driven by our work and the belief that every positive step we take contributes to a brighter future for those we aim to support.

And as for you – feel free to contact us and let us know how we can take this to another level.