In the fast-paced entertainment industry, standing out requires not just creativity but a deep understanding of the digital landscape. From immersive experiences that keep users connected to interactive websites that enable collaboration in the creative process, our portfolio showcases a range of successes across film, music, gaming, and live events.

Circle Line is a cruise company dedicated to sightseeing in New York City by boat. They approached us because they wanted to develop a tour companion app. We built an easy-to-use, multi-language tour companion app that leverages geolocation and adapts to the changing circumstances of a boat ride.

We upgraded the manuscript tracking system for a world-leading publisher of open-access books. By providing a seamless user experience for scientists, we supported IntechOpen on its mission to democratize knowledge.

The leading cruise line operator partnered with us to streamline and upgrade their onboard photography services. We have built and continue to maintain multiple products used onboard and in the cloud.

Together with Warner Bros Entertainment’s gaming division we built a new, feature-rich platform for player networking. From managing game newsletter subscriptions, to allowing access to exclusive game content and providing a players’ knowledge base, we’ve created a versatile refuge for gamers.

We’ve updated their flagship games to match the latest trends and standards in mobile game development and employed our QA team to make sure all their products maintain a high level of quality.

Loterija Slovenije is the largest organizer of classic games of chance in Slovenia, among which the most well-known and popular game is the Lotto. They partnered with us to bring the Lotto experience to mobile users.

Messe Munich, a leading global event organizer, teamed up with us to improve the trade fair experience using technology. We've built an app that serves as a central place for exhibitors, products, topics, and services. With interactive maps, the app makes it easy for visitors to navigate and find their way around the event.

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Virtual event streaming and management platforms


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Why partner with Infinum

Strategic insights

Conducting in-depth market and audience research, we identify unique opportunities and craft strategies tailored to the entertainment industry's specific needs.

Design focus

By prioritizing user-centric design, we create engaging and intuitive experiences that captivate the target audience within the entertainment sector.

Tech innovation

Leveraging the latest in technology, from AR/VR to AI ensures we deliver innovative and scalable digital solutions that elevate the entertainment experience.

Agile process

Employing agile development methodologies, we adapt swiftly to industry trends and feedback, enabling the rapid iteration and refinement of digital products.


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