With a track record of transforming retail operations, we unlock growth, efficiency, and unparalleled customer experiences by building tailored software solutions. From dynamic e-commerce platforms to advanced inventory management systems, our expertise helps clients stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Fashion brand Atalyé creates ethical made-to-measure fashion through technology. Working together, we’ve created software that generates a customized sewing pattern based on customer measurements that is ready for production within seconds.

Combining Nike’s cutting-edge lab hardware and machine learning algorithms, we analyzed data collected across numerous test points, improving how their R&D department measures the quality, durability, and resistance of materials used in different kinds of athletic wear.

Tarisio is a marketplace for trading fine instruments with ease. Used by musicians, patrons, dealers, and collectors, we made the platform’s backend stable and secure for all customers and their transactions.

The Village Alliance has been a leading advocate for the Greenwich Village community for over twenty-five years, working with area residents, businesses, and cultural and academic institutions to ensure the district continues to grow and succeed. They partnered with Infinum seeking digital transformation of their loyalty program for residents.

Opportunities in retail


Inventory management systems


Customer relationship management systems


Payment gateway integration


Supply chain management systems


Custom e-commerce solutions


Augmented reality shopping experience

Why partner with Infinum

Retail evolution

Physical retail has not disappeared but rather evolved and taken on a different role in the path to purchase.

Consumer channels

As technology continues to evolve, consumers have the ability to research products on channels and devices that didn’t even exist before.

Retail experience

How technology has fundamentally changed the consumer retail experience in every stage and how to take advantage of it.

Seamless UX

A new business model that must seamlessly provide both online and in-store shopping alternatives integrating all parts of the changing customer journey.


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