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Streamlining creative collaboration in film, TV, and theater productions with a powerful digital tool.




The show can’t go on like this

Endless new script drafts and email chains to keep every production department on top of every change are still the norm in the entertainment industry.

In large-scale productions, where hundreds of people are involved, even a small change has a ripple effect. Given that a single day of shooting can cost up to $250,000, it’s clear why real-time communication is key.

The unsung hero of Hollywood blockbusters

ProductionPro is set to redefine outdated industry practices. It helps film, TV, and theater production teams collaborate more efficiently and prevent expensive last-minute surprises.

It was recognized and adopted by industry giants, including Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Amazon Studios, Paramount Pictures, Apple TV+, and more.


Making ProductionPro available on every device

Transparency, commitment, and mutual trust are key to the project’s ongoing success. Originally built for iPad only, ProductionPro sought Infinum’s expertise to bring the solution to all devices and reach a wider audience of industry professionals.

To make ProductionPro available on desktop and mobile, we designed and built a responsive web app from scratch using JavaScript and React technology.



Effortless organization and collaboration

No need for paper scripts and sifting through hundreds of emails — production creatives and crew now keep all their essential documents neatly organized in a digital production binder.

Annotation tools enable users to write notes, highlight, and sketch directly on the script. Using different layers, it is easy to separate, organize, and share notes with collaborators. All updates are synced across devices in real-time.

A bird’s eye view of the entire production

The script breakdown feature provides a holistic view of the entire production — scenes, characters, and locations are all pulled from the latest script.

Tapping on any scene or character provides access to related production designs, pre-visualization videos, and storyboards.

Effortless transitions between script, script breakdown, and media library streamline workflows and empower creatives to deliver their best work.

One place for all creative assets

The media hub showcases each department’s latest work — from costume and set designs to pre-visualizations for special effects. Media can be easily filtered by character, scene, location, and department. Real-time sync means the entire production team is on top of the latest creative changes.

Security is a top priority

What sets ProductionPro apart is its unmatched security features. It earned the trust of major studios with the Hollywood-grade Digital Rights Management (DRM) system and the custom front-end watermarking solution we built. This powerful combination safeguards unreleased videos, scripts, and media files from unauthorized access.

Focus on user experience

ProductionPro consistently shapes new features and improvements based on user feedback. Understanding that users prefer simplicity, we simplified the app’s layout for ease of use, ensuring information is accessible and navigation is intuitive.

Simpler navigation

The limitation of certain screens to a horizontal or vertical orientation was a pain point reported by users. We introduced alternative screen orientations with the option for users to lock or unlock orientation.

To ensure consistency and compliance with accessibility standards, we introduced new colors and unified the color system. This resulted in an improved UX throughout the app.

On ProductionPro’s iPad app, we have improved navigation and layout and established a consistent design language, making onboarding, finding information, and collaboration simpler.

Most of the feedback we get is ‘Oh, I didn’t need to be trained on this at all. I just understood exactly where everything was.’ We tried to keep it very simple. Not a lot of buttons, not a lot of choices.



Long-term partnership

As our partnership matured, the scope of our collaboration grew. Our teams are passionate about continuously building and testing new features in an agile manner to ensure production teams across the globe gain more benefits from ProductionPro.

Working with Infinum feels like having a trusted partner in the trenches with you. They move at lightning speed, navigating complex challenges with unwavering transparency. Their commitment to our success is tangible everywhere.


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