We combine strategic insight with cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions that enhance communication, streamline operations, and drive customer satisfaction. By building bespoke mobile applications we empower telecom businesses to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

More projects

We developed a mobile app for a multinational pharmaceutical company that allows users to conveniently track their medication intake. The app includes reminders and options for adding other vital health parameters. Special emphasis was put on the caregiver role, with features for tracking multiple profiles.

We built an app that allows patients to schedule and check in for appointments as well as keep track of their medical needs for the leading provider of healthcare information technologies focused on patient solutions and infection surveillance.

Opportunities in telecom


Customer service portals


AI and ML implementation


5G optimization tools


Fraud detection services


Digital content distribution platforms


Integrated CRM systems

Why partner with Infinum

Collaboration standard

Transparency, commitment, and a clear common goal pave the way for creating impactful and meaningful digital product and make up the foundation of every project.


Each feature is validated by conducting extensive user tests and through focus groups, where we observed behavior, interaction, and perceived user value.

Modular architecture

Modular app architecture allows the deploy of relevant and contextual content. Services, features, and options adapt to match the customer’s profile and needs.

Revenue streams

Explore and capitalize on new revenue opportunities beyond traditional voice and data services. This includes digital content distribution, IoT services, cloud computing, etc.


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