Flutter Might Be Your Technology of Choice for Mobile in 2020 – Here Is Why

Could the Flutter UI framework finally produce a native look and feel on mobile while writing the code just once?

Josip Krnjić

RIP Consumer Tablets. What About Enterprise Use?

If the nearing ending of a decade doesn’t sound scary, I'll have you know it’s been 20 years since the first tablet device was launched.

Tanja Bezjak

Earning User Trust in Digital Payment Solutions

Over 3,5 billion users of fintechs have around 4,8 trillion euros to spend across approximately 13k technology-powered financial companies.

Emanuel Miličević

Hardware-as-a-Service: Are We There Yet?

Have we set foot in a future where currently optional hardware services will become mandatory? What will be the tipping point?

Anja Mutic

Why Code Audits Are Essential for Every Software Project

Improve the product to achieve short and long-term goals or ditch the current code altogether and start over from scratch.

Goran Kovačević

Building a Modular UI with Server-Driven Rendering

Keeping millions of subscribers satisfied can be a challenge, especially when they’re divided across multiple subscriber types.

Tomislav Vukić

Sweep Away Technical Debt with Trigger’s Broom

You build technology, but as you cut corners, you incur future costs that you’ll have to pay off eventually—or your project will go bankrupt.

Tomislav Car

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App

Apps drive efficiency and help reach new audiences, but they come with complex price tags.

Bojan Bajić

Most Mobile Projects Fail at the API: How to Minimize Risk

Whether app developers are creating their own APIs or piggybacking off a larger system, a successful API will lead to a better working, faster mobile app.

Dino Kovač

Is Your Business Sinking into Technical Debt?

When you work on a software project, you can do things well, or you can do them fast. Every time you sacrifice quality for speed, you incur technical debt.

Tomislav Car

How Long Does It Take to Build an App?

The question we get asked more than anything else is – how much is building this project going to take?

Goran Kovačević

Android Development Is 30% More Expensive Than iOS. And We Have the Numbers to Prove It!

For a while now, we’ve been aware that Android development takes longer than iOS. We have the metrics to prove it, and it’s about time we show them.

Tomislav Car