Advanced technology underpins our intelligent healthcare solutions, helping both practitioners and patients. Automation and streamlined care relieve healthcare workers’ stress and improve outcomes for everyone.

More projects

We developed a mobile app for a multinational pharmaceutical company that allows users to conveniently track their medication intake. The app includes reminders and options for adding other vital health parameters. Special emphasis was put on the caregiver role, with features for tracking multiple profiles.

We built an app that allows patients to schedule and check in for appointments as well as keep track of their medical needs for the leading provider of healthcare information technologies focused on patient solutions and infection surveillance.

Opportunities in healthcare


Remote patient monitoring


Machine learning in healthcare


Workflow management solutions


Virtual care and telehealth


Personal health and wellness solutions

$430 bn

Projected size of the global digital health market by 2028


Rise in use of virtual care after Covid-19


Expected number of health-based wearables by 2023


Concerns resolved by telehealth visits

Why partner with Infinum

Focus on security

We hold the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate for information security and are able to ensure high security standards for clients dealing with sensitive data. We also provide options for regular checks and security measures against cyber threats.

Ensuring compliance

Our products are aligned with relevant industry requirements, including HIPAA, HL7, GMP, DICOM, FDA, and GDPR. We build within the given framework, adapt to a wider context, and always put user security first.


With the abundance of healthcare software already on the market it’s not always simple to achieve seamless integration between apps and platforms. We find solutions to make all software work together in harmony.


We take great care in creating digital user experiences that are intuitive and user friendly. Usability is a vital component of all the products we build. This is especially important when it comes to health-focused apps, services and systems.


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