Creating an interactive digital hub for veterinary professionals


Leveraging interactive elements and building a community to evolve an online journal into a dynamic digital hub.





Transforming a digital journal for veterinary professionals

Clinician’s Brief set out to evolve to a more dynamic online platform for veterinary professionals. This vision aimed to foster communication among the community, provide up-to-date knowledge, and reinforce ties with Plumb’s, another key product within VetMedux, their parent family’s portfolio.

The goal was to retain the brand users knew and trusted, but to elevate the design and make navigating their vast library of content easier.

Treating veterinarians to a host of new features

Clinician’s Brief now enhances user engagement with its dynamic homepage, where experts encounter a constantly evolving interface designed to keep vets informed, connected, and engaged.

Up-to-date news

Remaining well-informed about the latest developments is crucial for veterinarian practice and professional development.

Diverse perspectives

Providing varied viewpoints on clinical challenges, innovations, and evolving trends to enrich the veterinary discourse.

Interactive content

Developing a collaborative learning platform through quizzes, polls, and discussions crafts an engaging user experience.

Education resources

Accessing a comprehensive educational repository motivates vets to cultivate new skills, ensuring continuous learning and growth.

Connected to VetMedux

Strenghtening the connection to Clinician’s Brief’s parent company and other products by implementing engaging messaging on the site.


Comprehensive research at the foundation

The process began with a collaborative approach, involving a Context and Framing workshop with the Clinician’s Brief team. High-level goals, success metrics, key differentiators, user needs, and potential roadblocks were thoroughly discussed and defined.

Translating blue-sky ideation into practical implementation, we mapped ideas according to feasibility and impact. This strategic prioritization maintained momentum but also ensured the effective meeting of project deadlines.


High-level goals


Success metrics


Key differentiators


User needs


Potential roadblocks

 “From design to UX testing to development (and everything in between), the ETR team was an amazing partner to work with. They took the extra time to understand our product and audience in order to ensure that we were creating the best user experience possible.”


Steering project with insight

We crafted three archetypes to summarize our research in an easy-to-digest format, ensuring that user goals, needs, and frustrations remain top of mind.

Our efforts resulted in seven insights meant to steer the project’s direction, including improving search and education features, strengthening the link between Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s, and putting a greater emphasis on the social and community aspects of veterinary medicine.

Optimizing legacy content

From a development perspective, we had to overcome the technical challenge of integrating multiple APIs for the website while evolving a system for tracking progress and scoring across multiple courses. In addition, because there were hundreds of pieces of content migrating over from their old CMS, it was important that the new site accommodated many different types and configurations of content while maintaining or improving SEO value.

Our goal was to establish an organized foundation of content, along with a consistent content model, to set the stage for forward progress.

Post-launch results, more milestones ahead

more users since launch5%
rise in sessions12%
decrease in avg. loading time20%

“Any project’s success depends on clear objectives at the outset. When our key objectives changed early in the project, ETR’s team not only kept their composure, but participated in helping us define and execute upon a unified set of goals. Our site launched on time and met every criteria set for the project. ETR provided acute insight, facilitated a proven process and in the end, delivered a phenomenal product for our team. We will consider ETR as a potential partner in all future projects.”

This project was executed by our US team, formally known as ETR. The company was acquired by Infinum in 2023.

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