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Quality assurance

We’ve built a reputation around delivering exceptional user experiences. Our QA team plays a major role in ensuring our processes and the final product meet the expectations and demands of our clients.


Software testing is at the core of quality assurance. All development projects are covered with their own testing strategy, and our QA team makes sure testing is documented and transparent. During a project’s lifecycle, a dedicated QA engineer will run smoke tests, regression tests, ad-hoc and exploratory tests, stability tests, functional and acceptance tests. We at Infinum believe testing should be an iterative process that follows development. After all, smart teams never leave testing for last.

While automated unit tests are written by developers, our QA engineers use UI automation tools to accelerate and strengthen the testing process.


We conduct usability testing to gather valuable feedback from users who fit the target demographic. Our usability lab comes in handy when chasing that magical UX necessary for success.

Quality metrics

We use our own strict quality metrics to track improvement. This process guarantees that every product we deliver satisfies the criteria of stability, usability, usefulness, desirability and value for the client and the end-user.


Our QA engineers are versatile and integrate smoothly with all teams to drive projects forward. We realize that offering feedback to the design team and handling customer support is not a traditional part of software testing—then again, nothing about Infinum is traditional. We believe quality assurance is about being flexible and doing whatever we can to get the best software in front of our clients.