Connecting 1.2M monthly users to all Philips Kitchen Appliances


We created a seamless, unified experience across Philips Kitchen Appliances.





No. 1 choice in
domestic appliances

When it comes to domestic appliances, Philips is the first choice for millions of consumers globally.

People choose Philips for quality, ease of use, and continuous innovation. Regularly excelling at product development and industrial design, Philips found a matching level of precision in the digital realm with Infinum.

Together, we set out to create a unique digital platform across all Philips Kitchen Appliances, transforming the way consumers prepare meals and interact with their devices.

Unified experience across all smart kitchen devices

The Kitchen Appliances department at Philips used to maintain three separate mobile apps for each of their appliance types.

The challenge was to translate their ambitions into a future-proof digital strategy. The result is a cross-device experience powered by a sophisticated IoT platform that enables Philips to deliver value at scale.

A vibrant community devoted to healthy cooking

Monthly active users1.2M
App Store rating4.8/5
Monthly recipe views4,9M

Building a superior experience starts with understanding the user

The three disjointed apps for one department brought user segmentation and no chance for cross-sale or cross-promotion. Challenges in updating content and low user engagement meant these apps just weren’t sustainable.

We connected various appliances into a hub that helps users find inspiration, prepare meals and share recipes. NutriU gathers previously divided users in one place, enabling a singular experience across all Philips kitchen appliances.

NutriU is the hub for Philips kitchen appliances that inspires users to cook at home more often. It helps them find inspiration, create delicious meals, and take control over their dinner plans on the fly.

Phillips has received multiple accolades for the NutriU platform.

Guiding principles

Scalable system architecture

Philips was committed to building a scalable and sustainable architecture for the long run. The backend system supports multiple use cases, enabling Philips to expand beyond the NutriU app at any time.

Multiple Scrum teams approach

NutriU is a textbook example of a project run by Agile methodology. For us, it marked a significant step towards fully adopting Scrum across multiple teams working on a single product.

Design decisions driven by users

We conducted regular user testing sessions to validate our design assumptions about using connected devices in the kitchen. Each design iteration was informed by comprehensive research performed on real users.

Connected IoT appliances

The core of the backend system is built to support connected IoT appliances. Users manage and control their appliances via smartphone, enabling entirely new cooking experience.

Control appliances from anywhere

Users can turn appliances like Airfryer and others on and off, set temperature, cooking time, humidity, and keep the food warm on-the-go.

Infinum will ask questions and push back in order to create the best product possible. As our needs and requirements change, they’re quick to adapt and solve problems proactively.


Thousands of recipes

NutriU boasts over 3,000 recipes with detailed instructions, images, cooking time, and nutritional values. Search by difficulty, special diets, cuisines, accessories, and more. Save and write notes on individual recipes, and share meal photos with the community.

Personalized feed

The app continuously learns from user behavior and recommends the content based on their preferences. Powered by machine learning algorithms, the app’s recommendation engine gets better with each use.

Intuitive filtering makes finding a recipe quick and easy

“Alexa, fry some chips”

Busy hands? Interact with your AirFryer through voice assistants such as Alexa.

Powerful from the ground up

Orchestrating seamless experiences at scale requires a content management system that’s robust yet easy to use. Behind the scenes, NutriU is powered by a tailor-made IoT system catering to a global food community.

The system supports multiple roles such as Community Manager, Ingredient Manager and Nutritionist, and allows for localizing recipes, scheduling push notifications and more.

Take a look inside

Food photography plays a major role in enticing users to try out new recipes. Our sister company Flavorific created a vast library of mouth-watering images for NutriU users.

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