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iOS development

The apple juice served up from our shop is 100% organic. Because we exclusively use native code, we can implement the latest and greatest technologies from Apple.

Development process

All of our apps are developed with the Swift programming language, today’s gold standard for iOS app development.

We use protocol-oriented and functional reactive programming to reduce state and make the codebase readable and easy-to-understand. Our adapted VIPER architecture forces developers to write clean code, which is easily testable, highly flexible and highlights use cases. This has proven to be much more effective than using the typical Massive View Controller that plagues so many iOS apps today. Using the peer programming technique as well as pull requests, we strictly maintain the quality of our code.

Test-driven development

We genuinely care about the quality of our software. That’s why we offer automated testing along with test-driven development. This enables us to deliver high quality software at every step of our development process.

By running writing tests, we quickly address any issues prior to writing our application code. Automated tests ensure we don't break previously written functionalities in our apps when delivering new features. This process allows us to continuously deliver new features, which means our clients have stable builds in their hands every day.

Recent projects

Although we’ve created an array of unique apps, they all have a few things in common: They are rock-solid, beautifully designed and used across the globe.

Expert articles

Our team not only enjoys reading and sharing relevant articles—we also write original pieces to educate and inspire the ever-growing community of iOS developers worldwide.

Our libraries

Contributing to open source is an important part of our culture. When we’re not handling client work, we develop free libraries and tools for others to use and build upon.

Sharing knowledge

At Infinum, we participate in knowledge distribution by sharing relevant articles via our weekly newsletter. We also organize a monthly meetup where we hang out with a local community of iOS developers.